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Ting to offer the Samsung Galaxy Mega but we need a new portmanteau

GALAXY MegaWe’ve had a few inquiries about the Samsung Galaxy Mega already so let us just say this: We will have the LTE Samsung Galaxy Mega at or at very close to the same time as our carrier partner begins to offer it up for sale.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Mega?

Well, if you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note II was colossal at 5.5-inches, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Samsung Galaxy Mega is a 6.3-inch monster running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It’s so big, even “phablet” doesn’t do it justice. We feel a new portmanteau might be in order.

Phometheater? Hints at the 720×1080 HD capabilities but…
Phlaptop? Speaks to the screen size but suggests a clamshell with hardware keyboard.
Tablone? Well, yeah. But also no.

Let’s hear your ideas!

Help us find the perfect combination word for the Samsung Galaxy Mega on our Facebook page. We’ll pick our favorite from among the comments on the Phablet Killer post on Facebook and award the first person that suggested it $100 in Ting credit!

When will Ting get the Galaxy Mega?

As it stands, the timeframe our carrier partner is offering for the Samsung Galaxy Mega is “later this year.” As we said, we’ll have it at or very near the same time they are able to offer it up but we haven’t seen a hard date as to when that might be.

If you’re interested to get updates on this (and other) devices as they come available, Stay tuned to Ting Device Update category here on the Ting blog.

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