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Ting Video Start Up Guides:A Video Guided Tour of Ting Phones

Early this morning, the video Start Up Guides for the Motorola Photon 4G and the Samsung Conquer 4G went live on Ting. With that, the latest phones to join the Ting roll got their time to shine and we hit a milestone; every feature phone and smartphone Ting currently offers now has an associated video Start Up Guide.

The purpose of these five-part video Start Up Guides (aside from keeping yours truly gainfully employed, of course) is twofold.

First, they show prospective owners exactly what they can expect if they decide to buy; they go much more in-depth than an image slide show, sell sheet or marketing bullet points can. They afford the chance to take a close look at the phone, to see its capabilities and its limitations in order to make an informed buying decision.

Second, for new owners, these video series offer a guided tour of the phone that tells them everything they need to know to get going. Starting with the unboxing, charging and first power-up plus setting up accounts through things like copy and paste, using apps and widgets, using the camera, advanced browser tips, power saving tips and much more, each series is about 15 minutes, broken up into five videos.

Find the video series for each Ting phone on its respective page under “Using Your Device” at

Android Smartphones:


Feature Phones: