Ting your T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

Note: This program is no longer offered. With the addition of Ting on a GSM network, approximately 80% of devices can now come to Ting. This post will be archived on April 30, 2015.

Potential Tingsters are always saying things like, “I wish I could bring my Verizon iPhone 5 with me!.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.04.49 PM

Last month, @katselvocki was saying almost exactly that to her good friend @smaksimo and I thought, “I want to help this woman!.” Not just because she strikes warrior poses in public, although, I won’t lie, that’s hot. I want to help because she represents a common dilemma among potential Ting customers…

You have already invested in an expensive device and you want to get as much value out of it as possible.

swapWe wish you could bring those T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon devices directly to Ting. That would certainly be simplest. Alas, the only devices you can bring to Ting right now are inactive devices on the Sprint network. So here’s what we’re going to try out to at least make you whole financially on the switch:

From May 22 to June 30, sell any of the following T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon devices on Glyde and buy the same Sprint model, capacity and condition. We will reimburse you with a Ting credit to cover any difference between what you spend (plus fees, taxes and shipping) and what you collect.

Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4S
Apple iPhone 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S3

Adding a clarification and an addendum to this based on some quick feedback. Forgive us for the improvisation and please appreciate that we tend to improvise in your favor.

First, to be clear, you can buy and sell in either order you prefer. In fact, you will probably want to buy first so you are not without a device and so you can port your number from your old active phone to your new phone. We are absolutely fine with that. Just submit when you have both the buy and sell confirmations.

Second, if you want to upgrade to a better device (as long as it is on the Sprint network and on our whitelist), you can do that. We will just give you a credit for what it would have cost you to swap for the same exact device (plus fees, taxes and shipping) and then you’ll cover the price of the upgrade on top of that. For example, sell your Verizon iPhone 4 and buy a Sprint iPhone 5, or even a Sprint Samsung Galaxy SIII. We will credit you the difference between buying a Sprint iPhone 4 on Glyde (at a common price) and what you recovered selling the Verizon iPhone 4 at the recommended price plus taxes, fees and shipping. So, we will cover what a swap would have been. And you will have paid for the “upgrade”.

Finally, I just want to remind customers that your non-Ting friends can combine this offer with your referral credit. So, this feels like a great opportunity for you to start spreading the word and earn some credits.

To get all the details and to submit for reimbursement, check out the swap promotion page.

(Depending on how this goes, we will certainly consider expanding this list and maybe including switches between models. We will also consider more flexibility than just buying and selling with Glyde. But to start, this gives us a very manageable situation where the models and the values are clear and consistent.)

There are a couple of simple rules we need to put in place to protect ourselves. We will need to see the proof that you took this action after we launched this promotion. We will also only reimburse you for the difference between Glyde’s recommended sell and buy prices to avoid any gamers selling for a silly low price and/or buying at a silly high price. But, as usual, our intention here is to simply right a situation that we think is a bit wrong and make it as easy as possible for folks to experience our wonderful service.

Depending on your device, this promotion can be worth as much as $100 in credit. Of course, if you are breaking a contract, you should also get 25% of your early termination fee through our ETF relief program.

Again, to get all the details and to submit for reimbursement, check out the swap promotion page.