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Ting’s favorite features of the Moto X!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a lot of chatter around the Moto Xmotorola-moto-x-angle-back_carousel. Perhaps because it’s Motorola’s first flagship device under Google’s guidance, or perhaps due to the close-to-universal praise it has received from users and critics alike. Regardless of why, it’s a smartphone that deserves to be in the spotlight. Running a tweaked version of Android Jelly Bean (4.2), the Moto X houses several exclusive features that truly makes it shine. Outside of these unique and useful additions, it predominantly runs stock Android and offers a fluid, no-lag experience.

Physically, this device has been brilliantly developed. With a sleek shell and almost no screen bezel, the Moto X feels compact while sporting a large 4.7 inch screen. That screen has been hailed as having “the best performance observed in a mobile display to date.”

We’re taking a look at a few of our favorites from among Moto X’s exclusive features. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, proceed with caution: The Moto X makes a pretty compelling case for itself.


Motorola AssistScreenshot_2013-10-18-13-07-36

Motorola Assist is basically contextual awareness. Your phone figures out what you’re up to and automates tasks and brings the stuff you need front and center. There’s a series of actions and options that can be set for when you’re driving, in a meeting, or sleeping and once activated, you never have to touch a thing!

Driving – Using GPS, your Moto X knows when you’re driving. In Driving mode, it’ll optionally reads out your texts and tell you who’s calling (with auto-reply options).

Meeting – Using your Google Calendar, Motorola Assist knows when you have a meeting. It’ll automatically put your phone on silent and can auto-reply to missed calls from your favorite contacts.

Sleeping – Assist knows when you’re sleeping too. Not in a weird “I’m watching you” way. Rather in a “oh, you’ve turned in? Let me silence your phone during the hours you specified” way. If a contact calls twice within the span of five minutes, suggesting that the call is important, it’ll still ring through.



Active Notifications

Active Notifications alters the way you receive notifications based on where you are and what you’re up to.

Active Display – When you receive a notification, the Moto X’s screen will fade in and out to “quietly” inform you. Using internal sensors, the Moto X won’t show these notifications if your phone is face down, in your pocket or purse, or if you’re on a call. Only want to be alerted by certain apps? Active Display lets you choose the types of notifications you want to see!

Motorola Connect – Motorola has launched a nifty Chrome extension letting you send and receive text messages, see who’s calling and view phone notifications directly from your browser!



Touchless Control

Lets you control your Moto X entirely hands-free. After training it to listen for your voice (and no one else’s), saying “OK Google Now” fires up Google Now. Get news and sports scores, check the weather, easily text your friends, email a co-worker, update your schedule and much more without ever touching your phone!

If you’re driving and want to listen to music, you could ask Google Now to play a specific song, album, or artist. Or, if you hear a song you like on the radio, simply ask “what song is this” and Google will speak the answer to you! There are tons of possibilities with this amazing feature. Moto X owners: Let us know if you’ve come up with any unique ways that Touchless Control can help.


While the slogan “Life Companion” has already been claimed by another of the major Android smartphone makers, it would never have been more fitting than if applied to this, the truly one-of-a-kind Moto X. It’s one of those “you don’t know what you’re missing out on” kind of things. We expect many of the smart features the Moto X brings to the table will find their way into the smartphone standard in the future.

At this point, we’d be remiss not to mention that we have the Moto X available on the Ting devices page in both black and white.