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Ting’s totally inoffensive, non-specific, non-denominational, super inclusive wintertime / holiday themed sales event.

Nexus-5After people picked our virtual shelves bare on Black Friday, we had a meeting. The consensus we reached: People really seem to like great deals on great phones. Duly noted. Let’s do some more of those.

You’ll recognize many of these phones from our Black Friday sale. We weren’t holding back. Quite the opposite. We redoubled our efforts and got a bunch more phones to offer up.

The Ting totally inoffensive, non-specific, non-denominational, super inclusive wintertime / holiday themed sales event starts on Wednesday, December 9 at 12pm ET (noon) and runs until the end of day on December 14 (11:59pm ET).

These phones are perfect for stuffing into oversized novelty socks. Wrapping in colorful paper and putting under a tree that mere weeks ago was minding its own business in a tree farm somewhere. Placing near a Menorah to be opened on one of twelve nights of gift giving (pretty sure that’s how it works). Or whatever your holiday customs, religious observances or traditions may be. This is the totally inoffensive, non-specific, non-denominational, inclusive wintertime / holiday themed sales event, after all.

Moto-E-White-280Enough hand wringing. Let’s get to the goods.

Get an extra $15 activation credit on all sale phones

In addition to the phone discounts below, we’re also offering up an extra $15 activation credit. Just make sure your phone is active by January 4, 2016 and we’ll drop your bonus credit into your account on January 6, 2016.

Android phones

A few of your apparent faves from our Black Friday sale are back with a vengeance. The Moto E 2nd Gen in particular is a great option if you’re looking for a great starter phone for a teen… or really, anyone. We spent a month with the Moto E 2nd Gen and were consistently impressed.


iPhones – Refurbished

The iPhones we have are all color variations of the iPhone 5s. Rather than drop you into the shop to find the phone you want (though you can totally go that route if you prefer), we’ll link them all below.

The iPhone 5s was $353 (for the brief period between Black Friday and this promotion). It’s now on offer for $279

Flip phones

LG-450-280Call them flip phones, clamshell phones, feature phones or maybe even dumbphones. Just don’t call them late for dinner. No, we’re not sure what that means either. Let’s move on.

These sale phones are not eligible for Ting’s 30 day price drop guarantee.