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Zoom in and out in Google Maps with one hand


Quick tips to get the most from your phone, your favorite apps and your Ting service. No fluff. Just the tips.

Want a quicker, more precise way to browse Google Maps? If you double tap and hold with one finger, you can scroll up and down to zoom in or out!

This feature also works with other Google apps, including Chrome on both Android and iOS. It’s pretty handy for pictures and objects with zoom capabilities, along with sites that aren’t optimized for mobile. On the Android platform, this feature is available almost anywhere you can pinch-to-zoom.

If you’re an iOS user, keep in mind that Apple Maps won’t cut it – you’ll need to pick up Google Maps off the App Store to take advantage of this trick.


Find your next perfect phone

With all the different smartphones available today, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one.

If you’ve already decided to pass on iOS and Windows Phone in favour of the Android platform, finding that perfect phone is closer than you think. Whether you’re always on the go, love taking pictures or can’t put down the latest mobile game, there’s an Android device out there with your name on it.

To make things easier, Google has launched a website to help you find the proper fit. Just provide some details about what you do on your phone and how often, and let Google work its magic to match you with some suitable options.

To get the most accurate results, make sure to complete as many sections as you can. When asked how often you use your phone for taking pictures, listening to music, web browsing, etc – try to give a good estimate as this question helps Google determine what battery size you’ll need.

While you can’t initially specify your budget and preferred screen size, you can do this from the results page. The drop-down filters let you sort by carrier, display size, price range and release date. (We recommend you choose “all carriers,” and search for the compatible GSM or CDMA model to use with Ting.)

Keep in mind that not all the suggested devices will work with Ting. If you’re looking to bring a device to our GSM network, here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on a compatible model. If you’re looking to activate on CDMA, make sure to enter the phone’s MEID number in our compatibility checker to ensure it passes Sprint’s financial obligations before purchasing the device, whether new or used (more info).

Of course, all phones on sale in the Ting shop are ready for use on CDMA or GSM, so that’s always a great option if your preferred model is in stock.


Find Google’s phone finder useful? What options did you get?

How to return paid apps on Google Play


Quick tips to get the most from your phone, your favorite apps and your Ting service. No fluff. Just the tips.

Suffering a little Google Play buyer’s remorse? Get some Google Play buyer’s recourse.

As long as it’s been less than two hours since purchasing and installing the paid app, you can return it for a full refund – no questions asked.

If the two hour limit has passed, there’s still a chance to get your money back. You can contact the app developer directly and ask nicely for a refund.


Turn off Facebook’s video auto-play feature on iOS

You know what’s cool?

Not letting Facebook tell you how to live your life. Specifically when it comes to videos auto-playing in your newsfeed.

Oh sure, video auto-play can be handy. But it can also use a considerable amount of mobile data without your permission.

Today’s Ting Tip will show you how to disable auto-play from the app’s settings menu. Follow along using our step-by-step GIF instruction guide below!

Using an Android device? We’ve got you covered.

Turn off Facebook’s video auto-play feature on Android

Ever notice that the Facebook app instantly plays any video you see on your newsfeed, regardless of whether you wanted to watch it?

This “feature” is automatically turned on and can use a considerable amount of mobile data without your permission.

Take back control with today’s Ting tip. Inside Facebook’s settings menu, there’s a simple toggle that lets you choose between always on, Wi-Fi only and always off.

Follow along using our step-by-step GIF instructions below!

Using an iPhone or iPad? We’ve got you covered.

Ting tip for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Get a grip on Reachability


Quick tips to get the most from your phone, your favorite apps and your Ting service. No fluff. Just the tips.

Big phones are all well and good, but they do come with some trade-offs. Mainly, decreased finger travel with one-handed phone use.

Most people will find Apple’s iPhone 6 relatively comfortable in that regard. However, the iPhone 6 Plus can leave a lot to be desired.

Thankfully, Apple has taken a page from Samsung’s “One-handed Operation” mode with Reachability. This option, enabled by a double-tap to the home button, will lower the content of the screen into reach of your thumb.

It’s a quick solution that can come in handy.