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Ting Download: Pintasking

Whoever said multitasking on a smartphone was easy clearly never tried multitasking on a smartphone.

App switching has never been as simple as it should be. Sure, you can always tap the Recent apps button, but it involves pulling up a different screen and scrolling through cards to find the specific app you’re looking for. It’s far from a one-tap solution, and considering the extensive customizability Android offers, it’s a little silly there isn’t a better way.

You may sense where this is going…

Pintasking is a useful tool that turns your apps into small buttons that hang out on the side of your smartphone screen. Similar to Facebook Messenger’s “Chat Heads,” these circles aren’t intrusive and let you multitask like never before.

The premise is simple: Apps are pinned into floating shortcuts, that, when tapped, take you straight into the app. It’s the quickest way to switch between apps that we’ve ever seen, and since discovering it, it’s become a feature that we just can’t live without.

If you’re often using multiple apps on your smartphone, Pintasking is definitely worth a download. The basic version of Pintasking that allows pinning of just two apps is free. If it becomes indispensable, the Pro version for $3.99 lets you pin more multiple apps and offers much more customizability.

Take a look and learn more about the app in our review below.

Ting Download: LastPass

Managing complicated passwords to keep your online information secure can really be a hassle. Today’s Ting Download remembers all your strong, complex and crazy long passwords so you don’t have to.

LastPass is a cross-platform password manager app that uses AES-256 encryption to keep your data safe from intruders.

It’s a powerful tool that can manage all aspects of your personal security online, no matter if you’re checking your bank account in a dedicated app or logging into your personal blog.

Available on Android, iOS and the web, the standard version of LastPass is free while premium is $12 a year and includes some useful extras.

Discover the ins and outs of this great app in Kyra’s review below.

Ting Download: Top five apps of 2015

Over the past 12 months, we covered a wide variety of apps on the Ting blog and on YouTube. Like last year, we decided to select five apps that deserve a second look and compile a short highlight reel as the final Ting Download of the year.

Each app is available on both Android and iOS and is completely free to download and use. Individual app reviews and direct downloads are listed below the video.

From saving on groceries to saving on cable, here’s five great apps we shared throughout 2015!

Ting Download: Overcast

Still using the basic Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad? Well, today’s the last day.

Introducing Overcast, the iOS podcast player that goes above and beyond. Whether you like a straightforward “one-tap and listen” experience or are looking to dive into the details, this app has all you’ll need.

Overcast offers some killer features to enhance your podcasting experience that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s also great for discovering new content and finding recommended podcasts within the app.

Overcast is simple to use, completely free (with an optional tip jar) and easy on the eyes.

Rather than give up all its secrets, let Kyra fill you in on Overcast’s specifics in our Ting Download below.

Ting Download: Ting compatibility checker

The Ting compatibility checker app for Android is the easiest way to find out if the Android phone in your hand will work on Ting.

Since adding a GSM network to Ting, over 80% of smartphones made in the last few years can be brought to one of our two nationwide network offerings.

While we’ve had an online compatibility checker available for quite some time, the Ting compatibility checker app makes things easier if you’re wondering whether a smartphone you already own will activate with Ting. The app automatically grabs your phone’s IMEI number and instantly lets you know which Ting network services your phone can connect to.

The Ting compatibility checker app for Android is only 1.1 megabytes and free to download on Google Play. Check out how it works in our video below!

Ting Download: Flipp

Save big on your next trip to the supermarket.

Flipp lets you view digital flyers and coupons for over 800 local retailers to find the best deals on all your favorite products.

Its latest update brings a neat coupon-matchup feature that pairs flyer deals with specific coupons, compounding the amount you’ll save (between 20% – 70% on your weekly essentials, according to Flipp). They’ll even automatically notify you when new matchups are found!

The filtering options help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can easily sort through available flyers, and choose from coupon categories like baby, grocery and household.

You can also select favorites, make clippings and build your own shopping list. Finding deals on items in your shopping list couldn’t be easier – Flipp instantly shows all available discounts for any items added to your list.

Flipp’s completely free and available on Android and iOS.

Get a tour around the app in our Ting Download below.