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App of the Week: Snowball

Find yourself talking to friends and family across more and more apps on your device? Today’s app aims to solve this multi-app madness!

Snowball is a one stop shop for all of your messaging needs. It’s not a replacement for your current communication channels, it just brings them all together in one easy-to-view hub. It supports almost all messaging apps on Google Play, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Twitter, Skype, Viber and Snapchat.

Available on Google Play, you can pick it up for free right now. Keep in mind that the app is still in Beta, so it might be a little while longer before all the bugs are ironed out.

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App of the Week: Goat Simulator

Interested in foolish mobile fun? Look no further than Goat Simulator!

It’s a hilarious open-world game where you gain points by demolishing everything around you. While initially only available on Steam, the app has found success and was brought over to Android and iOS in September of this year.

With intentional bugs and glitches, the game is a lot more fun than you might expect. You can switch between different types of goat mutations (like a spider-goat, penguin and jetpack goat), complete quests and gain achievements.

If you don’t mind spending five bucks on some absurd amusement, pick up Goat Simulator on Google Play or the App Store now! Learn more in Kyra’s app review below.

App of the Week: Unclouded

Close to hitting your virtual storage capacity? Today’s App of the Week brings clarity to the cloud.

Sign into all your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts and let Unclouded do the rest. It automatically examines your cloud storage and organizes it by size, so you can easily see what’s taking up the most virtual storage space.

You can assess your data in the viewing style that works best for you. Choose from a regular explorer view, files by category, recently modified or duplicates. Support for other file hosting services, like Box and OneDrive, is on the way.

While Unclouded’s insights are free, it costs $1.99 to move, delete and edit files. The app is available for Android, support for iOS is coming soon.

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App of the Week: Sunrise Calendar

Today’s app brings a breath of fresh air into a breed of apps that have begun to feel stale.

Sunrise Calendar is a top-notch, well designed cross-platform calendar. With mobile, tablet and browser support, Sunrise helps you stay organized no matter where you are or what you’re up to. The app has multiple viewing methods so you can easily switch between a monthly calendar look, three-day week view and an additional info section. It even syncs with Facebook, Evernote, LinkedIn, Asana and more to keep all your scheduled content in one place.

After trying out countless calendar apps, we can justly say that Sunrise shines above the rest. Sunrise is available for Android and iOS, is completely free and supports Google, iCloud and Exchange calendars.

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App of the Week: WeTransfer

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send a large file. Share up to 10 GB worth of pictures, videos and any other files on your device in seconds.

You never have to create an account, or login with Facebook, Google or any other social network; just select the files, enter your friends email address and bam! They’ll receive an email from you with the download link inside.

As you’re dealing with uploading large files on your smartphone, it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway), make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

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App of the Week: Llama

Today’s app automates your smartphone life!

If you disable Wi-Fi when leaving for work, silence your phone when heading to bed or turn off mobile data when your screen is off, Llama is perfect for you.

It mitigates your manual processes by letting “conditions,” such as location, battery life or day of the week, change “actions,” like Wi-Fi, mobile data or a specific app. There’s an unlimited number of events you can automate, and they’ll continue forever until manually disabled.

If you enjoy saving your battery, avoiding embarrassment and making your day just a little bit easier, download it for free on Google Play now!

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