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Fun virtual tours and online experiences

Virtual tours and fun things to do online

Hey, everybody, who’s getting tired of binging Netflix, raise your hand. Oh so everybody? Yeah, us too. We’re not saying that Tiger King wasn’t time extremely well spent; that’s just top-shelf programming. However, we really do need more than endless TV and movies to stave off boredom. It turns out that there are a ton of fun and unique things you can do and see online. Many which usually have a considerable price tag are now free or deeply discounted as well. Here are some of our favorites!

Stream live concerts

You may have heard about a few artists whose shows were canceled live-streaming concerts sans audience. However, a large number of musicians are actually giving streaming performances on a daily basis. Some of these are just impromptu one-off jams from living rooms, but there are also continuing series and virtual festivals with big-name artists happening as well. Check out your favorite act’s social media to see if they’ll be performing, or one of the many regularly updated lists.

Stream Broadway theatre

If musicals are your jam, you’ll love BroadwayHD. It’s pretty much the Netflix of Broadway musicals and is similarly priced at $8.99 a month. If you’re not sure but want to dip your toe in, there is a seven-day free trial. 

Take a virtual arts tour

One of the most popular activities when visiting large cities is checking out museums, galleries, theatres and the like. Now’s the perfect time to get a glimpse of many you’ve only dreamed of visiting, as a number of iconic institutions are offering free virtual tours and exhibition experiences online. From The Louvre to MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art), you’ll be able to experience some of the world’s best exhibits with a gallery tour from your couch. Up the ante and explore some of the globe’s most famous landmarks including The Taj Mahal and The Eiffel Tower.

Experience nature and zoos

It’s a bummer that we’re having to sit out the changes in nature that spring offers. Thankfully, technology has our back. People are taking advantage of the very cool Google Arts & Culture feature that allows you to tour many of our national parks. If animal life is more your speed, head over to one of the larger world zoos’ pages and see whether it’s one of many that offers live and pre-recorded video feeds. Pro tip: if you love animal live streams, the San Diego Zoo is your best bet. Don’t forget to try the aquariums as well!

Collaborate on art and music

Unfortunately, the best you can hope for when connecting with another artist through an online community is getting together to collaborate sometime in the future. That’s why these apps and websites are so incredible right now. Soundtrap allows you to collaborate with other musicians in real-time, retaining some of the excitement of an in-person writing session. Meanwhile, websites like facilitate real-time drawing collaboration–whether you just want to be silly with friends or co-create a masterpiece. 

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