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VisibleHand uses smarter mobile for business

mobile for business

Ting business VisibleHand provides nursing home staff with digital tools to help them care for their long term patients. VisibleHand knows that choosing smarter mobile for business means they have more time to work on what they do best. We got to chat with Jay Treuhaft, the Chief Customer Officer at VisibleHand, and learn all about Foresight, a mobile behavioral healthcare and tracking tool that is changing the way health care professionals log behavior and plan treatment.


Real-time tracking for healthcare workers

Foresight was developed to meet a challenge facing the nursing home industry and long term care in general.

“Individuals that were tasked with the day-to-day care of people living with conditions like dementia didn’t have the tools or support they needed to treat their patients,” Jay for business The go-to treatment for patients with dementia and other similar conditions has been the administration of antipsychotic drugs. But a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment was failing nursing home residents and staff. The government told the industry they had to find non-pharmacological interventions for these patients.

That’s where VisibleHand founders Dr. Harvey Morris and his son Matt Morris came in. Dr. Morris is a clinical psychologist. When the government regulations came down, he was tasked with reducing the use of antipsychotics administered to nursing home patients and tracking which interventions worked for which people. But he struggled. There was a complete lack of data on these kinds of patients.

Dr. Morris enlisted the help of his son, Matt Morris, a data-engineer, to help him build his vision: a system that could track behavior changes in real time so healthcare workers could see the impact of interventions on a case-by-case basis.

“Together they developed Foresight,” said Jay. “And now its really helping to reduce antipsychotic use and people are better able to see and track behavior changes.”mobile for business

Ting and Foresight make a great team

Foresight launched in 2016. There are two streams of the software. One is for mobile use for front line caregivers and staff. The other is a desktop dashboard where supervisors can gather behavioral information and gain insight.

mobile for business “We want to empower people by giving them a smart device that they can carry around and add information to,” said Jay. “They can communicate throughout the care spectrum and the care continuum. That way they can really be apart of the care process, can really make a difference and contribute.”

So who’s activating all these devices and keeping front line staff connected? You guessed it.

“Ting is able to supply us with hundreds of SIM cards and ship them out to wherever we need them. The ability to activate devices in bulk is incredibly helpful, as we’re typically setting up 20 to 50 new devices at a time.”

Before, staff would carry around notebooks and log information when they could. Notes were often misplaced. They were recorded at the end of shifts and therefore missing vital real-time information. And often they were not made available to the next staff member who came on duty.

mobile for business

Now VisibleHand equips staff with Samsung Galaxy J3 devices to do real-time recording of real-time observations. Foresight increases documentation. That means more data for clinicians that are making medication and treatment decisions. It also helps care facilities stay compliant with government regulations by being able to provide documentation and generate reports.

Jay and VisibleHand stay connected and up to date with Ting through our Ting Business Valet program.

mobile for business “We have a dedicated business rep that helps us with any need we have. Anytime we have a problem, Ting gets to the bottom of the issue, helps us figure out why something went wrong and fixes it.”

In partnering with Ting, VisibleHand can continue to support caregivers. “Ting lets us run our business and focus on the areas that we do best,” says Jay. “It’s great to have a partner with Ting.”