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Vote for us

Lifehacker just published a little survey asking people to vote on “What’s the Best Pre-Paid Cellphone Carrier?” and in a flattering little act of bias, nominated us themselves.

We will gladly forgive being mis-labelled a pre-paid service. It seems like pre-paid has sort of become code for no-contract, non-major carrier that offers either utility pricing or some other innovative twist on the traditional fixed plan. We certainly belong there.

In fact, we are thrilled to be there for a couple of reasons and I am shamelessly asking for your votes.

First, “lifehackers” are exactly the right people to consider Ting. Ting is all about not accepting conventions that don’t make sense for you, understanding your usage and your needs and seeking a greater experience and greater value. We are absolutely a lifehack. So I love the context.

Second, I find that we are increasingly being compared to services that tend to “pop off the page” more than we do. Free this!! A whole new way of using that!! (Get rich without leaving the house!) Our great service at a great price that also generates a great, sustainable business actually ends up seeming a bit boring. But what we have going for us more than anything else and more than any of these guys is thousands of real customers who are having a wonderful experience and are thrilled to tell people about it.

So, if you are having a great experience with us, if you are saving money and getting good service, I would be grateful if you would pop over to Lifehacker and give us some love.

I am Michael Goldstein and I approve this message.