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Warehouse sale: Devices priced to move each week

We’re moving and consolidating our warehouses and we’d rather sell off the devices they contain than move them. I mean, we’ll literally move them if we have to, but we’d rather price them to figuratively move. If you catch my drift.

Throughout October, we’ll be putting a series of devices on sale and each week, the featured sale devices come with an additional $20 in Ting credit.

Want to follow along with the sale? Watch this space.

Here’s this week’s featured devices:8zXv-ysimoioM3E0TeUTnjrDf9jA2H62Rm0K59QeJTo

High-end smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy Note III (black – sold out! | white – sold out!) $74 off at $632 plus $20 in Ting credit. ($94 in savings)

Mid-range smartphone:

Kyocera Rise | $21 off at $114 plus $20 in Ting credit. ($41 in savings)
LG Optimus Elite – sold out! | $18 off at $96 plus $20 in Ting credit. ($38 in savings)

Feature phone:

Samsung M400 Refurbished | $10 off at $62 plus $20 in Ting credit ($30 in savings).

This promotion period runs from today, October 1, at midnight and runs until Wednesday, October 8 at 11:59pm. Once the promotion period closes, we’ll make it rain (as the kids say), dropping $20 Ting credits into Ting accounts for each featured device purchase in the promotion period.

If you’ve been waiting to refer a friend, this is the perfect opportunity: This promotion plays nice with the Refer a Friend and other programs.

There’s no time like the present. Fortune favors the brave. Time waits for no one. Other gentle nudges to buy now as opposed to waiting and potentially missing out.

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