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Watching the NFL without cable is easier than ever


The full NFL experience

Live sports are the number one reason many people stay with overpriced cable TV. In the United States, no sport is more popular than the NFL, and cord cutters now have more options than ever to watch the upcoming NFL season.

How can you not only watch the NFL this season, but also enjoy the same full experience you would get if you subscribed to cable TV? Well, don’t worry — we have you covered!


The first thing you need in order to get CBS, FOX and NBC games is an antenna.

An antenna is a one-time cost that will not only give you free HD access to NFL games, but also to a ton of other great content. Need help getting started with an antenna? Check out our antenna guide to help you get started.


Ok, so we’ve covered how to get the games over-the-air with an antenna, but what about the games you can’t get for free with an antenna? Both ESPN and the NFL Network air NFL games that are not free over-the-air.


NFL Network

Have no fear; for the first time the NFL Network, and even the NFL Red Zone, will be available to cord cutters through Sling TV and the PlayStation Vue service. The service starts at just $20 per month for Sling TV and $29.99 per month for PlayStation Vue with no contract. Another benefit to consider is when sign up for a 7-day free PlayStation Vue trial, you can test out any of its monthly plans.

Another NFL first is you can catch NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, along with popular shows such as NFL GameDay Morning, A Football Life, Timeline, wall-to-wall news, fantasy coverage from around the NFL and more. With NFL RedZone, you can watch the big moments from NFL games on Sunday afternoons. NFL RedZone features cuts from stadium to stadium and delivers the most exciting plays as they happen.


You can also use Sling TV or PlayStation Vue to watch ESPN, giving you full access to preseason NFL games as well as Monday Night Football games.

What if you can’t get a game over the air?

Do you live in an area where it is a struggle to get local channels with an antenna? I did once and I understand your pain. There is good news; the NFL is working to make sure you have options!

To help make sure you don’t miss a Thursday night game, the NFL will stream CBS and NBC Thursday night NFL games on Twitter for free. That’s right, Twitter is no longer just for tweeting, they also offer a streaming service.

Additionally, NBC gives you an option to watch Sunday night games. They will be streaming on Yahoo, and as you might have suspected, you can stream these Sunday night games for free.

As for the others, CBS and FOX currently stream some games, but not all of them. Reportedly, CBS is working on obtaining rights to stream all of the NFL games, but presently, no final deal has been reached.

So there you go! You now have the same access to NFL games that you would have if you subscribed to cable TV. The best part, you will pay only a fraction of what you would have with cable. Better yet, there is no contract — you are free to cancel your streaming service after the football season is over, or stay on board if you enjoy the rest of the content they provide.