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We invited a customer to Ting HQ. You won’t believe what happens next*

We have a couple of missions here at Ting. One is to change the mobile industry in America (no big deal) and another is to “surprise and delight” our customers at every opportunity.

As missions go, we feel like these are pretty good ones.

We have a group of customers we call the Ting Ground Crew. This geographically scattered group of student ambassadors spread the word on Ting with fellow students. They share ideas in the Ting Ground Crew groups online, they encourage each other and talk about their experiences.

One Ting customer and Ground Crew member in particular stood out: Joe Murray.

We know paying for college is tough. We figured maybe Joe could use a bit of help.

We invited him to Ting HQ for what he thought was an interview on his experiences with the Ting Ground Crew. Little did he know, though, we had more than just an interview (and some Ting swag) in store.

Take a look.

*Or maybe you’ll totally believe what happens next. I don’t know you personally. I don’t know what you will or won’t believe. I mean, what’s unbelievable to me might seem totally reasonable to you. Just watch the video, OK?