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We love our business customers – Round 2

business2This is the second edition of “we love our business customers.” Again:

I have been looking through our customer base at all the wonderful small businesses that have discovered our service. I wanted to find a way to thank a few of them. I also figure if they are smart enough to save thousands of dollars a year with Ting, they are probably pretty good at what they do. So, if you are in the market, please consider using one of these fine Ting-powered businesses!



BCI Technologies
Industrial communication and automation solutions.
Location: Florida
Ting Devices: 13


allworldAll World Furniture
High quality, contemporary furniture at wholesale prices.
Location: California
Ting Devices: 14



Gouin Towing & Auto Repair
24 hour towing and complete automotive repair.
Location: Vermont
Ting Devices: 5



PCN Strategies
Professional solutions for government agencies and private businesses.
Location: Washington, DC
Ting Devices: 14



Hurt & Proffitt
Full service employee-owned engineering and surveying firm.
Location: Virginia
Ting devices: 7



L. Olson Designs
Graphic design, graphics and images for web and print and architectural design.
Location: Wisconsin
Ting Devices: 1

(There you go, Lonni. We love you too.)


If you would like to be included in the next edition of “We love our business customers,” let me know.