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We love our business customers

business2I have been looking through our customer base at all the wonderful small businesses that have discovered our service. I wanted to find a way to thank a few of them. I also figure if they are smart enough to save thousands of dollars a year with Ting, they are probably pretty good at what they do. So, if you are in the market, please consider using one of these fine Ting-powered business!


American Furniture Rentalafr-logo-w-1
Furniture rentals for residences, home staging, commercial, trade show and events.
Location: New Jersey
Ting Devices: 14


cropped-cmacco_headerCrawford Merz Anderson Construction Company
Commercial construction.
Location: Minnesota
Ting Devices: 12


fentonFenton Plumbing & Heating
Residential and commercial plumbing and heating services.
Location: Colorado
Ting Devices: 17


flowers to goFlowers To Go
Family owned and operated florist for over 30 years.
Location: Washington
Ting Devices: 11


gentile_bros_comp_profGentile Brothers
Wholesale fruits and vegetables for retail and food channel.
Location: Ohio
Ting Devices: 10


mosquito squadMosquito Squad
Mosquitoes and tick control for residential and commercial properties.
Location: Virginia
Ting Devices: 16



If you would like to be included in the next edition of “We love our business customers,” let me know.

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