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Fine, we will sell you a Nexus 5.

Starting today, Ting is now selling the Nexus 5. But, please, for the dear sweet love of Google, don’t buy it from us. Instead, just get a $10 Ting SIM card (now in stock!) and go buy your Nexus 5 in red, black, or white from Google Play. You’ll save $95 bucks right off the bat (and likely a lot more by switching to Ting).

Nexus 5 Red for TingHonest to goodness truth: the price we are selling the Nexus 5 at is below our cost, and we still can’t even come close to matching the awesome $349 deal that you can get buying directly from Google with no contract.

Not long after the Nexus 5 started shipping in quantity in November, it became (and has remained) our top Android device, by far, for new activations. That’s a pretty huge deal, honestly. Because of the commitment Google has made to keeping past Nexus devices up-to-date, older Nexus models have enjoyed long-lived success at Ting… But nothing like what we’ve seen with the Nexus 5. A device we haven’t even been selling up until now has, for nearly all intents and purposes, been our best seller.

In a perfect world, we’d love to ship you a beautiful Nexus 5 and Ting SIM card snug together in our fashionable Ting shipping portfolio. But when there’s a way better deal to be had, we’re absolutely not going to stand in your way. In fact, we’ll even point you in that better direction. We like to think of ourselves as being kind of like Flo, for wireless.

So, to recap… Order your Ting SIM and then head over to the Google Play store and order your Nexus 5. Then spend that extra $95 on someone or something you love for Valentine’s (or Singles Awareness) Day, instead.

Love, Ting.