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Five of the weirdest phones we’ve ever seen


We’ve seen some weird phones in our time. These ones take the cake though. Ebay, DealExtreme and AliExpress (to name but a few) offer a marketplace for just about anything you can imagine. It makes sense that these are the places where we found the weirdest phones we’ve ever seen.

You can activate just about any phone you like on Ting (check here for the specifics), including but not limited to phones that double as an electric razor, phones that are so tiny you probably can’t even dial, let alone text, on them and phones that finally let you live out your Bayside teen-inspired dreams.

Here’s a look at five of the weirdest phones we’ve found recently.

Fidget Spinner Phone

Weirdest phones
Chilli – $22

We’ve seen fidget spinner apps on phones. We’ve seen fidget spinner cases for phones. We’ve seen fidget spinners that connect via Bluetooth to a phone. This is the first time we’ve seen a fidget spinner that is a phone.

Activating the Chilli Fidget Spinner Phone is easy: just pop in a SIM card. Getting your hands on a Chilli Fidget Spinner Phone is more difficult as they’re currently only available on Amazon in India with no US shipping option. Given the quick blip of attention this phone received recently, expect to see a few pop up on Ebay before too long (edit: confirmed).

The Shaving Cellphone

Weirdest phones
Zjiang – $34.99

What do you get when you combine a middling feature phone with a middling electric razor?

Strange looks? A bad shave? Well, yes… but not just those things. The cell phone with an electric razor inexplicably bolted onto the top defies easy categorization except perhaps to simply say chindōgu .

The massive 8,800 mAh battery powers the phone, the razor and an LED flashlight too. It can charge another, presumably more useful, phone with its bottom-mounted full-sized USB port.


Weirdest phones
Zanco – $50

Here’s something I learned in the course of writing this article. The term “beat the boss” is a dog whistle suggesting said phone can be secreted within the body to be smuggled into a prison. “Beat the boss” phones are small because that’s obviously a key selling point. They also tend to list a voice changer among their features.

The phone is capable of texting but at 7.1 x 2.3cm (2.8″ x .9″) less than half of which is keypad, you might not be.

Notably, it isn’t waterproof. You’d think that would be an important feature in a phone like this.


Weirdest phones
GSTAR – $19.99

If the BM50 looks like a Bluetooth headset that’s because it is. However, with its own SIM card slot, it’s also a fully functioning cell phone. One that would almost certainly “beat the boss,” so to speak.

The packaging for the BM50 says it “maybe the smallest phone in the world,” which may be an impressive achievement.

It’s also got an FM radio and a voice changer.

C3 Vintage Brick Phone

Weirdest phones
Motqrona – $69.99

Anyone that watched TV in the early 1990s (which was everyone because the Internet wasn’t yet a thing) would have wanted one of the phones that inspired this retro beauty.

Like the brick phones of old, the back is all battery but where the inspiration for this throwback counted its battery life in minutes, this phone (and the countless others like it on Ebay) count it in days. 30 of them in standby, apparently.

A quick note about product names and pricing for the phones we’ve covered here. Each is something of a moving target. Different sellers will slap their name on the phone and claim it as their own. Pricing can differ widely from one seller or platform and another. In cases where we purchased the phone (proud new owners of a cell phone/electric razor, btw) we listed the price we paid.