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Welcome home, former Solavei customers

UPDATE: This offer expired on Thursday, November 26 The form has been removed from this post as a result. We’re keeping the blog post live for reference. It will be removed on December 8, 2015, after all credits have been issued.

Solavei-logo-is-sadIn early December, Solavei, an ultimately ill-fated MVNO that used the T-Mobile network, will complete its last call. Forward its last text. Send its last byte.

Solavei is closing its doors on December 4, 2015. Customers are left to find a new home for mobile service.

Hey, wait. Crazy idea. Given that Solavei phones are compatible with Ting on a GSM network and that those customers already know exactly how that GSM network works for them, what if they were to come to Ting?

Solavei customers can bring their phone and their phone number over to a happier home… while there’s still time.

We’ll send displaced Solavei customers a free Ting SIM card plus $50 in Ting credit to get started. Just grab a screenshot of your most recent Solavei bill/invoice and fill out the form below by Wednesday, November 25 at 11:59 PM. We’ll get a SIM out to you post-haste. As soon as you receive your free Ting GSM SIM, activate your Solavei phone with Ting using the bring your phone to Ting program and bring your Solavei number too.

Be sure to activate by December 4, 2015, when Solavei is no more, to be eligible. $50 credits will be issued on December 7, 2015. Even if former Solavei customers don’t choose to come to Ting (even though they totally should), they need to port before December 4 or they risk losing their number forever.