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We’ve noticed some room for improvement in the mobile industry. What do you think?


Congratulations to our video contest winner! He picks up a brand new Nexus 5 and $400 in Ting credit.

The mobile industry in the United States needs to change. As mentioned before, Ting is trying to lead this change by providing sensible mobile service to Americans. While many of you have already made what we’d contend is the smarter move and switched to Ting, there’s still millions of Americans who haven’t yet had the chance, stuck in complicated plans or bogged down by hefty early termination fees.

Odds are, you’ve encountered some of the things in the mobile industry that just don’t make sense. From contracts and add-on charges to phone trees and inexperienced customer support, there are a ton of weird, silly or downright irritating things about the mobile phone service industry.

This got us wondering: What do people dislike about mobile providers in America? And with that, our latest contest was born. This one is a YouTube-only affair.

Send us a video telling us what you dislike the most about the US mobile phone industry and you could win a brand new Nexus 5 and credit for a years worth of Ting service! We’ll be looking through all the submissions and picking our favorite video as the winner. After the contest ends, we’ll use some of our favorite clips to create a entertaining compilation video on our YouTube channel.

To submit your video, post the URL of your video submission in the YouTube comments of the contest video, or hit our YouTube page and click “send message” to send us your video privately.

Learn more in the video below. Hosted, appropriately, on YouTube.


Fine print

Only open to residents of the United States of America.

Contest closes Friday, March 28 at 5PM EST. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 2.

Using the average Ting monthly bill of $31.50 as the baseline, $400 is enough for more than a year of Ting service.