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What’s New at Ting: Image carousel, BYOD process updates and a Ting Hangout page!

We’ve got a short but sweet update for you today!

We’ve been working on improving some key features of our site and as ever, we’re excited to show them off and get your input. The latest updates improve the experience when shopping for or bringing a device to Ting. We’re also pleased to show off our new dedicated Google Hangouts page which we’ll use to keep the conversation going!


s4backImage carousel

To offer a better look at the devices we have available on the Ting devices page, we’ve added an image carousel that shows devices in various angles to provide a bit more detail. These carousels can also incorporate more than just still images and we’ll be working to add even more assets. The majority of our phones now include both a side and back view so you can determine if it’s sleek enough for your liking. We’ve also added a nifty “Zoom” feature so you can see larger versions of every shot!


Bring Your Own Device to Ting process updates

There’s a fair bit of magic that happens in the back end during the Bring Your Own Device to Ting process. Previously, if the process failed for any reason, we’d display a generic error message. We’ve updated the error messages for Bring Your Own Device to Ting with a specific message as to why the device can’t be activated.

If a BYOD fails, one of two notices will be displayed: The device you tried to activate is not currently supported by Ting, or that the specific device has been reported lost or stolen. We wanted to provide as much info as possible, and hope that this update makes the BYOD process even more straightforward!


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 3.59.30 PMTing Hangout page

We’ve heard some great feedback about our past Hangouts, and have decided to start hosting them more frequently! Hangouts are a great way for us to connect more personally with more people at once. It’s also a lot of fun for us to chat candidly about devices coming to Ting and to come up with cool contests and giveaways.

To keep it simple for all involved, we’ve created the dedicated Ting Hangout page. This page makes it much easier for Hangout participants to ask questions and for us to post Hangout-specific deals and polls, run unique contests and improve the overall interactive experience!

Stay on the lookout for our next Ting Hangout which will be announced soon!

For a full listing of Ting’s Release Notes, head to the Ting Help Center

Have some feedback or suggestions for Ting? We’re always listening on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. As well, check out our feature requests forum to submit your idea and join the discussion!