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What type of Ting user are you?

We’re not much into typecasting. We think that smart people appreciate a smarter approach to mobile service and so that’s what we endeavor to provide.

Techies, families and seniors alike have discovered that simply paying for what they use is the most sensible approach to cell phone service.

That said, there are a few broad archetypes we’ve noticed from our conversations with Ting customers. Your own approach to mobile might not fit neatly into one of these convenient pigeonholes. Chances are, you’ll recognize something of yourself in at least one of these categories, though. Let us know which user(s) you relate to in the comments below!

Whatever the case, if you’re looking to spend $25 a month or less on your cell phone bill, we’d argue there’s no better way than Ting.


Power user


You probably own…

  • A flagship Android smartphone or the latest iPhone.

You might be this if…


Family person


You probably own…

  • A mixture of smartphones and feature phones, whether Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, QWERTY slider, etc.

You might be this if…

  • Your kids consider you a hero for upgrading them to smartphones.
  • You’ve realized you can have the cheapest “family plan” with Ting, without ever having to sign up for any sort of plan.
  • You’ve added alerts and caps in the Ting dashboard to keep your family’s usage in check.
  • You look for ways to add more phones on your account to make your bill per device even cheaper, like getting your parents or siblings on board.


Social butterfly


You probably own…

  • An iPhone

You might be this if…

  • You can’t go a half hour without checking in on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
  • You’re still striving for that perfect filter.
  • You forget your phone and feel completely lost/disconnected from the world.
  • You take so many pictures and videos that your smartphone’s storage is constantly full. (Protip: check out Google Photos.)
  • You’ve bought a selfie stick (and used it more than once).
  • You’ve dropped your phone on your face when lying down, and it hurt a lot more than you expected.
  • Your friends are planning your Snapchat Lense intervention as we speak.


Keep it simple


You probably own…

  • The least expensive flip phone you could find.

You might be this if…

  • You’ll reply to a text message, but probably won’t send one on your own.
  • You’re not interested in a premium smartphone, you just want something that works.
  • When you dial a number on your phone it actually goes “beep beep boop boop.”
  • Calling and texting are pretty much the only two reasons you have a phone.
  • You live for Ting’s no-hold, no-transfer customer support.


Stop and Go


You probably own

  • An unlocked smartphone.

You might be this if…

  • You realized that typical plans don’t make sense for your usage.
  • You might use five minutes a month, or five hundred, depending on where you are and what you’re up to.
  • You often travel outside the US, and prefer finding a local SIM to save money and keep your monthly Ting bill low.


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Don’t think you fall into any of these categories? Ting rates make it easy for a wide variety of people to save money, so it’s not all that surprising.

From hardcore hackers to businesses and everything in between, Ting is a great fit for the majority of cell phone users out there. Even if you use a lot of cellular data, often all it takes is some initial setup to significantly lower your mobile data usage without switching up your smartphone routine.