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What’s in my bag: AMC edition

Items from Andrew's bike pannier laid out on a table. Items include a MacBook Pro, notebooks, a Nexus 6P phone, bike tools, a penknife and so on.

Items from Andrew's bike pannier laid out on a table. Items include a MacBook Pro, notebooks, a Nexus 6P phone, bike tools, a penknife and so on.

Hi. I’m Andrew. I’m the content director here at Ting.

We’re shamelessly ripping off an idea we’ve seen elsewhere: What’s in my bag. I’ve always liked the idea. I feel like it satisfies our voyeuristic tendencies, it gives a sense of how other people go about their days. We might even learn something we didn’t know before. It feels a bit life hack-y.

Confession: My bag usually holds a lot more junk. I cleaned up for this photo. Best foot forward and all that.

Not pictured: A change of clothes. I bike to work most days and while my cycling gear is comfortable, it’s not exactly office attire.

1- WT-40 pannier

This pannier comes from outdoors store Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC). In truth, I brought the barely-used one of the pair for this photo. The one I use everyday definitely looks very much the worse for wear. Also pictured: Vaude pannier rain cover and shoulder strap for non-biking sojourns.

2- Amazon Basics felt laptop sleeve

A great investment at about $12. It protects my work-issued…

3- 13-inch Mac Book Pro

This laptop is only about nine months old. I kinda wish I’d held out for the newer MacBook Pro models when I upgraded from the MacBook Air. Stickers from L-R: Vidyard, a video management platform we don’t actually use but whose sticker looks pretty spiffy; OpenSRS, Tucows wholesale domain name, SSL certificate and hosted email division and Snowing in Space, purveyor of cold brew draft (nitro) coffee that we had the good fortune to meet on a recent visit to Charlottesville, a Ting fiber Internet town.

4- Compression sack

I use this simple, unbranded compression sack to carry my bike tools and stuff that would float around in my bag otherwise.

5- Bike tools

I ride 15KM each way. Half of that is on the lakefront mixed use trail. I’m fortunate to have such a pleasant commute, but I’m kinda stuck if something goes wrong with my bike. So, I keep the following tools with me at all times. (L-R)
a) A small bike pump.
b) A spare tube
c) A tire patch kit
d) A set of Park Tool tire levers
e) Pant leg clips.
f) A mini front mounted bike light.
h) A basic Allen wrench tool kit with three sockets, Phillips and slot screwdrivers

6- Rain pants

Because you never know.

7- A black trash bag

Because you really never know.

8- Nexus 6P

My phone. It has seen better days. It does everything I need it to, though, and an upgrade doesn’t feel like my top priority at this point.

9- A mechanical pencil

I’m partial to mechanical pencils. I don’t like traditional pencils and I really don’t like disposable pens.

10- Two field notes style notebooks

One of these notebooks I use for general note taking and jotting down ideas. The other I use only to write down the four things that I decide are the most important to accomplish in a given day. Sort of a condensed to-do list.

I have a dozen similar notebooks because a) I like them and b) because OpenSRS was going to recycle them after they rebranded. The sticker over the Apple logo on my MacBook shows an element of the newer OpenSRS branding.

11- Extra gum

Spearmint. My go-to.

12- Victorinox penknife

The branded tech swag that keeps on giving. It’s got a bottle opener. Probably some other stuff too.

13- 1.5TB HDD (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex)

Used as a TimeMachine backup and for extra storage. I don’t typically carry it around. Especially not right alongside the computer it’s used to back up. Today was an exception.