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What’s New at Ting: ESN checker, ETF relief, Control Panel updates and more!

At Ting, we want your user experience to be effortless as possible. With this in mind, we are constantly improving the Ting site by adding practical features and fixing any inefficiencies we find. Below, I’ve listed the most recent updates that have went live at Ting!


ESN Checker

Within the Bring Yours Device section, we have added the ability for customers to submit an ESN to see if it is eligible for our BYOD program. This is an important update because it simplifies the process for prospective customers. Rather than scouring our Help Center, calling support or searching the web for answers, we’ve added a quick form to our Devices page. Users can navigate to the Bring Yours link, choose “Check your device’s eligibility”, and enter their ESN and email address. In two minutes, you’ll receive an email response letting you know whether or not your specified device can bring your device to Ting!

This was a big call driver for us so we’re happy to relieve our agents of these types of requests. Keep in mind that we will only send you five ESN checks per day – so lets not try and go overboard!

Ting Launches ETF Relief Program

Every day, we hear from customers who want to bring family and colleagues to Ting, but are held back because of a contract. In order to encourage those interested in switching, we decided to alleviate a portion of the costs associated with early termination fees (ETF). We will now give you Ting credit for 25% of your ETF, up to $75 per device. Read more about this awesome program in our ETF Relief blog post, or head directly to the ETF page!

Control Panel Updates

We’ve simplified how in-process bills are displayed in the control panel. In the past, you may have noticed an incomplete bill that varied as the month (and your usage) progressed. You’ll now see a notice on the bill when it’s still being calculated and an accurate bill once the usage has been determined.

We’ve also found that the status column in your billing history was redundant, so we removed it to reduce the clutter, and reworked any necessary statuses into other sections of billing.

New Press Page

We’ve also launched a Press page that includes a slew of great information for anyone interested in reporting about us. Now it’s much easier for reporters to retrieve press-specific material and communicate with Ting’s media contact. Here, you can view the latest press releases, exec bios, device images, Ting logos and more!

FAQ Changes

Lastly, we’ve added a new FAQ point to the BYOD section of our website to avoid confusion relating to newer LTE devices. We now specifically mention the heavy hitters, a.k.a. the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4!

For a full listing of Ting’s Release Notes, head to the Ting Help Center

Have some feedback or suggestions for Ting? We’re always listening on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. As well, check out our feature requests forum to submit your idea and join the discussion!