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Ground Crew, activation overhaul, cleaner refunds and more

We have some great updates to share today!

Like any web-based company worth its salt, we’re always monitoring the flow on, looking for ways to make navigation and the overall look and feel of the site as logical, clean and polished as possible. From the back to the front-ends, we’ve been working on some significant improvements that we can’t wait to tell you about.


Ting Ground Crew page

The Ting Ground Crew program recruits students who are enthusiastic about Ting, love perks and could do with some extra cash. It gives these students the tools they need to propagandize share the Ting word with fellow students. We’re still accepting applicants for the winter semester. If you want to learn more about the program or if you’re a student and you’d like to apply, hit the new Ting Ground Crew page!

Set a primary contact

You can now set and switch the primary contact number in your Ting account. The primary contact number is the one we’ll use if we ever need to get in contact with you regarding your Ting account. Consider the primary contact number holder as the primary account administrator.


To add a primary contact number, head to the primary contact section in your account settings page and select a number using the drop-dox box (see image at right). You can upate your primary contact number whenever you wish using the same method!

You can also add an alternate contact number which will be used if we can’t reach you at your primary number. You can assign this as any phone number you’d like, such as your landline, work or another Ting device.

*Note: I initially stated that Ting would automatically choose a default primary contact number for you. This is incorrect, as you must manually add the primary contact number on your Ting account. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Activation flow overhaul

This is the biggest update to Ting so far this year! In this most recent development sprint, our team has completely overhauled the online activation process for Ting devices. The new Ting activation flow does a much better job of guiding people through the steps required to get a device up and running on Ting and keeps them well informed along the way.


As some Ting customers will attest, the previous activation flow wasn’t as simple as it could have been. We’ve completely streamlined the activation process and made it a much more user-friendly, self-serve experience.

This new activation flow ensures that anyone can activate a device with Ting easily and quickly. That holds whether it’s an inactive Sprint device that’s being brought to Ting, if it’s a used device purchased from Ting or elsewhere, if it’s a brand new purchased from our device offerings, if you’re getting a new mobile number or bringing over a number from another carrier.

If there’s an issue standing in the way of activation, the new process clearly states what that problem is and, where possible, the steps required to move forward.

Since the dev team was on a roll, they also gave several other Ting pages a facelift, including the Ting for business pageESN checker and more!

Credit card refunds

We’ve improved our refund process. Previously, when we issued a refund for whatever reason, it would cause a deficit to show up on your Ting account, albeit temporarily. It was irksome for some customers. So we fixed it. That’s just how we roll, you see.

Have some feedback or suggestions for us? We’re always listening on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. As well, check out our feature requests forum to submit your ideas and join the discussion!