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What’s New at Ting: Trade in program, Ting shop tweaks and more!

Improvements to the process of bringing your number to Ting (porting), Ting shop tweaks and a revised Ting “swap” program are just a few of the latest changes inside today’s Release Notes.

From the back-end to the front-end, these adjustments are intended to make the Ting experience even easier, including how you find the right SIM card for your device, how you activate a new device, how you get billing info in the Ting app and how you get around the Ting blog!

Read on for the inside scoop.

Be the first to know

Our fancy new BYOD coming soon tool has launched! Now, you can sign up and be notified by email when specific devices can be brought to Ting. No longer will you need to “stay tuned to the Ting blog” for BYOD updates (though you should totally stay tuned to the Ting blog).

Ting Trade in

A new, much more flexible device swap program goes live with this latest code roll. The swap program helped you sell an incompatible device and get an equivalent Ting-ready one at no cost to you. We’ve tweaked the program to make it easier and added the option to upgrade your device into the mix. Inspired by the idea of trading in a car, we’ve rebadged it as the Trade in program and removed as much of the manual process as possible.

Blog updates

The Ting blog has had a general sprucing up. We now have a featured section in the top right that highlights important posts, contests, promotions and such. You’ll also now see the option to search through all our blog posts.

A handy RSS feed link has also been added to the Follow Us widget up top.

SIM card selector tool

We’ve added a SIM card selector tool on the Ting Shop. It’s an unfortunate reality that there are many variants of SIM cards. Rather than asking Ting customers to sort through all the options to find the right one for their phone, we’ve simplified things. Just tell us what phone you want to bring over and we’ll connect you with the SIM card you’ll need. Sure, it eliminates the obvious fun of a guessing game, but it also alleviates the frustration.

Other updates

As promised, we’ll be doing a much better job of letting you know where your mobile number is during the process of transferring (porting) to Ting. You’ll receive a short and sweet notice when the port request has been started, once the date of your port is confirmed and once again when your number transfer to Ting has completed. This should help demystify the porting process and set minds at ease.

Both the Ting Android app and Ting iPhone app have been updated to include your mobile billing history. If you have yet to download out app, check it out now on Android and iOS!


Have some feedback or suggestions for us? We’re always listening on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. As well, check out our feature requests forum to submit your ideas and join the discussion!