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Ting phone price drop

Good news!

A number of smartphones in the Ting shop have been permanently reduced in price.

What’s more?

They’re some of the most popular Android and iOS phones for sale in the Ting shop. If you’ve been thinking about an upgrade or know someone who could use one, now is a great time to take a look. So is tomorrow though, or next week. The price drop is permanent, you see?

List of phones:

  • iPhone 4s refurbished [CDMA] (Black, White)  $166 now $138
  • iPhone 5 refurbished [CDMA] (BlackWhite)  $248 now $237
  • iPhone 5s refurbished [CDMA and GSM] (Gold, Silver, Space Gray)  $353 now $338
  • Galaxy S5 refurbished [CDMA] (Out of stock)  $338 now $298
  • Galaxy S6 [CDMA] (Black, White) – $633 now $597
  • International roaming on CDMA is no more

    When traveling, you typically have two options: 1) Pay often exorbitant international roaming fees or 2) Go local: Grab a pay as you go SIM card at your destination or an inexpensive “burner” phone and pay local rates instead.

    We’ve always advocated the latter, local approach. A local SIM card—purchased at your destination or ordered before you embark on your journey—will be cheaper than the cost of international roaming in just about every case. Even factoring in the purchase of a cheap burner phone, you’ll likely come out ahead.

    For now at least, Ting customers using the CDMA network exclusively won’t have this choice to make. International roaming on CDMA is no longer possible. Sprint (Ting CDMA network services are provided on the nationwide Sprint™ network) recently turned off international CDMA roaming.

    To be clear, roaming with Ting on a GSM network is unaffected by the CDMA roaming shutdown. If you have a phone that uses Ting on a GSM network or an active Ting GSM SIM card, you can use your Ting service internationally paying Ting GSM roaming rates. That said, we still advocate using a local SIM and a local prepaid phone service when traveling.

    Bring a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P to Ting

    nexus 5x nexus 6p

    We’re excited to announce that you can officially bring your Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P to Ting!

    Powerful and well-priced, Google’s latest smartphone offerings bring a lot to the table. Whether you’re interested in a compact shell or premium phablet, the Nexus line has got you covered.

    If you’d like a closer look, we’ve unboxed both phones on the Ting YouTube channel. Click here for the corresponding unboxing: Nexus 5X | Nexus 6P

    We also spent a month with the Nexus 5X and shared our thoughts on the Ting blog.

    The 5X and 6P are fully compatible with Ting’s GSM and CDMA networks. All you need is the correct Ting SIM card to begin the activation process.

    Direct links

    Nexus 5X SIM: GSM | CDMA

    Nexus 6P SIM: GSM | CDMA

    Hi Westminster. Let’s get lit.

    On June 26 starting at 3pm ET and with much fanfare, Ting and the City of Westminster, MD will light up the previously dark fiber network. A contingent of the Ting team will be on site saying hi, speaking, documenting and presenting. It’s a big deal for Westminster and for Ting.

    Technology gods willing, we’ll have a live feed of the proceedings here on the local Westminster blog and the main Ting blog.

    Very soon, citizens of Westminster can start signing up to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting, running atop their publicly-owned fiber network.

    We’ll have more sign-up details to offer on the local Ting Westminster page after the fiber lighting ceremony wraps so please stay tuned. The short version, though, is that if you’re interested in Ting crazy fast Internet in Westminster, you first need to sign an access agreement (residential | business). This agreement gives City crews permission to install a fiber drop on the property. Signing this agreement sooner rather than later will put you in good stead to be among the first in your city to get gigabit, the crazy fast Internet we are convinced is required for North America to stay connected and competitive.

    • This high five was entirely spontaneous and not at all staged.

    App of the Week: Ting

    The Ting app gets a makeover.

    The Ting app lets you take complete control of your Ting mobile account from the palm of your hand.

    Available for Android and iOS, you can check out your usage and monthly bill, make changes to devices on your account and contact support with just a quick tap. You can even read this blog post from inside the Ting app!

    Both versions of the app have been recently updated, so what better time to do a little horn tooting?

    So whether you’re out and about or just feeling a little too lazy to move from the couch, the Ting app has got your back.

    Oh and it’s free. That’s important to note.

    Device update: GSM phones in the Ting shop plus Galaxy S6 for CDMA

    A lot has happened since last we spoke. Not least of which, we added a GSM network to what we’ve got on offer. Aside from the whole more coverage in more places, thing, that means a whole new world of device options.

    GSM offers access to the wider world of phone choice and we’re pretty excited about it. If you’re looking for information on what to look for in a GSM phone to bring to Ting, we have a blog post covering that topic. Given that this is the Ting device update, though, and we typically talk about devices in our own Ting shop, that’s quite enough bring your own talk for now.

    Buying directly from the Ting shop offers some peace of mind that playing the used market just can’t touch. Also, it saves sifting through Amazon new device listings, trying to make 100% sure that the device you’re thinking about will be compatible with Ting. With our recent addition of a nationwide GSM network, about 80% of smartphones made in the last two years are compatible. That remaining 20%, though, can be a stumbling block unless you’re well versed in the world of mobile phones.

    Following are a few recent additions to the Ting shop, across both Ting network choices.