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Get the new Ting Android skin!

Update: Just to be clear, we were kidding about the Ting skin. Happy April 1 ūüôā

android_screen_360Everybody gather ’round. We’ve got some great news to share.

Today, we’re launching our own custom carrier modifications to Android. We’re pre-installing several awesome and useful apps on all devices before they leave the Ting warehouses.

Think of this as the Ting skin for Android devices. Our developer team has been gestating this particular baby for nine months and so it’s based on the foundation of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Not running Ice Cream Sandwich? Don’t worry! The installer will automatically migrate your device running Jelly Bean or Kit Kat over to ICS. If you’re running an older version of Android, you’ll have 30 full days to buy a new phone before support for your device ends!

Another branch of our developer team started working on the Jelly Bean update just a couple of short months after Jelly Bean was released. We expect to release the Jelly Bean version of the Ting skin before the end of Q1 2015.

When the next Android version is released (Lollipop?), we’ll move the best minds from the team working on our Ice Cream Sandwich fork over to brainstorm whether we should consider thinking about possibly supporting the newest version.

Ready to download the Ting Android skin now? You don’t have to do anything! We’ll be rolling out the Ting skin to existing customers with Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher today! We’ve made the entire process seamless! You don’t even need to click “OK!” The whole process happens automagically over the mobile data network! No need to opt in!

Hot new features of the Ting Skin include (but are not limited to) the following. A brief outline of each app follows the bullet list.

  • Ting Splash Screen
  • Ting Music Store
  • Ting App Store
  • Ting Wallpaper Store
  • Ting Ringtone Store
  • Ting Remote
  • Ting Account Center

Ting Splash Screen

Get a nifty Ting logo animation every time your phone reboots (whether user-initiated or otherwise)! While the Ting Skin is in beta, you’ll be seeing a lot of this screen.

Ting Music

Ting Music Store
Get the latest hits from the artists of yesterday. As the Ting Music Store app grows in popularity, we’ll endeavor to sign today’s artists too!

Download any or all of the hundreds of songs in the Ting Music Store library for just $1.99 each! Play songs as many times as you want, any time, right on your phone*.

Ting Apps

Taking the place of the Google Play Store on your phone, the Ting App Store offers a huge selection of over 1,000 apps! Choose from perennial favorites like MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Live Bing and 997 more.

You don’t even have to register a credit card! Downloads will automatically appear on your Ting bill.

We’re also revealing our Ting SDK** today so developers can jump onboard.

Ting Wallpaper Rental

Get stunning high-resolution*** wallpapers to completely customize your homescreen! Wallpapers download in mere minutes and can be used for up to three days.

Ting Ringtone Store

More than 20% of the songs available in the Ting Music Store are also available as a ringtone. Better still: If you’ve already purchased a song, you get a 50% discount on the ringtone****!

Ting Remote

If your device has an IR blaster and a remote control app, it’s been rebranded! The Ting Remote is entirely free***** and lets you change the channel, adjust the volume and take complete****** control of your home theater gear.

Ting Account Center

The Ting account control panel has been completely redesigned to be super light on data. The new text-only control panel features ASCII line graphs to help you gauge your usage in real time*******.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to receive these completely free add-on apps, you can opt-out here.

* In the Ting Music app.
** Ting developer SDK available for the introductory price of $97
*** 800x480px. $0.99 per wallpaper download
**** Applies to first purchase only
***** “Free” refers to trial version that lets you change the channel or adjust the volume on up to two devices up to three times per hour
****** Partial
******* Please allow up to 72h for usage levels to update in app.

Bring an iPhone 5 to Ting

Now is the time to bring an iPhone 5 to Ting

bring an iphone 5 to ting

If you’ve got a Sprint network-compatible iPhone 5, you can now activate it on Ting. If not, you can grab one and bring it over.

If that’s all you need to know, jump into the bring your own device flow and move your iPhone 5 to a happier home.

That sound you hear is people leaving this blog post in droves.

A couple of months after we added support for the iPhone 4 and 4S, we’re getting a little more current on the Apple front.

No doubt, the first question we’ll hear is “when will you add the iPhone 5s and 5c?”

It’s a fair one: We’re looking forward to the day we can activate those too.

We’ve talked before about some of the limitations on bringing your own device to Ting. Our network partner keeps some of the best phones for itself for a year. It’s a business move as they want to recoup some of the money they spent in marketing them. We get it. That doesn’t stop us from pushing though.

We’re able to offer primo devices for sale at the same time as the major carriers. Some recent examples include the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note III and the Moto X. At launch though, these devices are excluded from the bring your device to Ting program.

Back to the question at hand: The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hit the Sprint lineup in late September of 2013. So, we expect they’ll be able to make the move to Ting at about the same time this year.

In summation:

If you’ve got one, now you can bring an iPhone 5 to Ting and you can activate it now too. If you don’t have one in hand but you’re in the market, you’ve got options.

Hit the Ting used devices page to let the Ting personal shopper team scour the used device listings on sites like eBay for you and then send along a few worthy candidates for your hard-earned money. Or, buy an iPhone via our partner Glyde.

In either case, this is good news and we’re pretty excited about it.

The Ting app arrives on iPhone!

Sally Field: You Like Me!“I haven’t had an orthodox career, and I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect […] and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

For those of you who were still in diapers (or not yet even a zygote) in 1984, that was Sally Field in her Academy Award acceptance speech for Places in the Heart. It pretty well sums up how we’ve felt over the past few days as a bunch of you have downloaded our snazzy new Ting app for iOS and shared awesome feedback.

Ting app for iOSChad, our mobile app guru (and generally awesome guy), is already hard at work in Michigan with your ideas, suggestions, and unintended feature discoveries… On the App Store, we are currently at version 0.9, with 0.9.1 likely going live later this week with a few small repairs. (Thank you, Shawn Colvin. Can you tell I lived through the 1990s?)

But we’re not stopping there. Next up on our timeline is a total review of our mobile app usability. We’re thinking of ways to really improve how we display usage to make things more intuitive, how to improve device feature management, looking at ideas to make referrals both fun and easy through our mobile apps, and more.

So if you have any ideas, suggestions, or feature requests you’d like to see in our future mobile apps, share away in the comments here… And if you haven’t already installed our new app on your iPhone, go get it!

New rates : we have slashed our data pricing

New rates for everyone

This week marks the two year anniversary of our launch. We are celebrating by slashing prices, particularly on heavy data usage. (If that’s about all you need to hear from me, check out the new Rates page now.)

This is not a promotion, these are just our new rates. Current customers do not need to weigh a move to a new plan. New customers do not need to come from any particular provider or sign up for a particular plan. You don’t need to buy a device or make any commitment. We are simply dropping our prices.

We have a very simple business model. We invest heavily in engineering and customer support. We spend comparatively little on marketing. We take nothing on devices. We take a fair margin on service. We offer the best prices and the best experience we possibly can. We hope that you stick around and tell your friends.

We also listen. You repeatedly told us that our Achilles’ heel was our pricing on high data usage.

After two years of fantastic growth, we are now in a position to offer even better prices. We cannot think of a better way to spend our “winnings” than pouring them right back into our customers.

There had been talk in the forums about shifting or adding levels. We decided that felt, well, shifty (or addy). It’s so much purer to just drop prices across the board.

new rates

The highlights:

  • Every data graduation beyond the $3 ‘Small’ is cheaper.
  • We’ve dropped the XXL level across the board so pure per-unit pricing kicks in sooner.
  • Perhaps most importantly for our heavy data users and business customers, we have dropped the per-unit pricing on megabytes beyond 2,000 from 2.25 cents to just 1.5 cents. That means a gig (or gigabyte or GB) of data is $15 beyond the XL level.
  • Finally, just to make sure that jump from XL to unit pricing is a win for everyone, we dropped the pricing on minutes beyond 2,000 from 2 cents to 1.9 cents, raised the ceiling on the XL minutes bucket to 2,100 and raised the ceiling on the XL messages bucket to 4,800. Do the math, I promise it works.


If you are already a Ting customer, you will begin enjoying the new rates in your next billing period (the one that starts after today). So, to be clear, the billing period you are in the middle of right now will still be on the old rates.

If you are just considering Ting, now would be a great time to re-calculate your potential savings.

What’s New at Ting: Ground Crew, activation overhaul, cleaner refunds and more!

We have some great updates to share today!

Like any web-based company worth its salt, we’re always monitoring the flow on, looking for ways to make navigation and the overall look and feel of the site as logical, clean and polished as possible.¬†From the back to the front-ends, we’ve been working on some significant improvements that we can’t wait to tell you about.


Ting Ground Crew page

The Ting Ground Crew program recruits students who are enthusiastic about Ting, love perks and could do with some extra cash. It gives these students the tools they need to propagandize share the Ting word with fellow students. We’re still accepting applicants for the winter semester. If you want to learn more about the program or if you’re a student and you’d like to apply, hit the new Ting Ground Crew page!

Set a primary contact

You can now set and switch the primary contact number in your Ting account. The primary contact number is the one we’ll use if we ever need to get in contact with you regarding your Ting account. Consider the primary contact number holder as the primary account administrator.


To add a primary contact number, head to the primary contact section in your account settings page and select a number using the drop-dox box (see image at right). You can upate your primary contact number whenever you wish using the same method!

You can also add an alternate contact number which will be used if we can’t reach you at your primary number. You can assign this as any phone number you’d like, such as your landline, work or another Ting device.

*Note: I initially stated that Ting would automatically choose a default primary contact number for you. This is incorrect, as you must manually add the primary contact number on your Ting account. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Activation flow overhaul

This is the biggest update to Ting so far this year! In this most recent development sprint, our team has completely overhauled the online activation process for Ting devices. The new Ting activation flow does a much better job of guiding people through the steps required to get a device up and running on Ting and keeps them well informed along the way.


As some Ting customers will attest, the previous activation flow wasn’t as simple as it could have been. We’ve completely streamlined the activation process and made it a much more user-friendly, self-serve experience.

This new activation flow ensures that anyone can activate a device with Ting easily and quickly. That holds whether it’s an inactive Sprint device that’s being brought to Ting, if it’s a used device purchased from Ting or elsewhere, if it’s a brand new purchased from our device offerings, if you’re getting a new mobile number or bringing over a number from another carrier.

If there’s an issue standing in the way of activation, the new process clearly states what that problem is and, where possible, the steps required to move forward.

Since the dev team was on a roll, they also gave several other Ting pages a facelift, including the Ting for business page, ESN checker and more!

Credit card refunds

We’ve improved our refund process. Previously, when we issued a refund for whatever reason, it would cause a deficit to show up on your Ting account, albeit temporarily. It was irksome for some customers. So we fixed it. That’s just how we roll, you see.

Have some feedback or suggestions for us? We’re always listening on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.¬†As well, check out our feature requests forum to submit your ideas and join the discussion!

Top 5 reasons why you should join the Ting Ground Crew

adoreting-slider (cropped)Love Ting? We’re looking for enthusiastic US college students to represent us at their schools through our ‘Ground Crew‘ program. You’ll be the first contact for students that are interested in Ting for their mobile phone service, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. Not too shabby!

If you’re yet to be convinced, here are some reasons why you should join the Ground Crew this semester…


1. Earn some extra dough

Ground Crew members earn a $50 cash bounty for each person they refer to Ting. Whether you’re paying your way through school or just want some extra beer spending money, joining the Ground Crew is a great way to earn some cash while studying.

2. Give your resume a boost

It’s hard to get work experience while in school that can give you skills for your future career. As a member, you’ll get promotions and sales experience with a credible, international company. In fact, Tucows Inc., Ting’s parent company, is a publicly traded company with offices in Canada, the Netherlands and the US!

3. Get tons of perks

Ask our current members – we love rewarding the Ground Crew. From cash rewards to free swag to smartphones, we’re constantly holding contests and giving away sweet prizes exclusively to the crew!

4. Be in the know

Ground Crew members are among the first to know about news and promotions going on behind the scenes at Ting.

5. Meet new people

Get a chance to be a part of a nation-wide group of students just like you. The Ting Ground Crew Facebook page is the central platform for members to meet each other and share ideas! Thinking of joining? Join the¬†Facebook page to see what’s been happening last semester.


We’d love to have you on board. We’re currently accepting applicants for the new semester! If you’re enrolled in a US college or university, you’re qualified!