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Where did Ting’s refurbished devices go?

Let us address the elephant in the Ethernet. We don’t currently have any refurbished devices on offer on the Ting devices page. Even though we have plenty to address demand sitting in our warehouse.

If you had your eye on a refurb device from Ting and that device is no longer available, we’re sorry. Refurbished devices will be back as soon as possible.

The problem

A huge rush of orders for refurbs using a particular promo code alerted our team that something might be amiss. A blogger had suggested purchasing refurb smartphones from us for next to nothing and not activating the device on Ting. It started a flurry of purchases from buyers that did not smell like future Ting customers.

We’ve been pretty transparent with the fact that service (minutes, messages and megabytes) is where Ting makes money. As we sell devices at or below our own cost (even before promos) and we don’t deal in contracts or other mobile business as usual, we would take a significant financial hit if these refurbs were never activated with us.

The solution

The actions we’re taking are twofold: first, as I mentioned, we’ve pulled all refurbs from the Ting lineup for the time being. Second, we’ll be changing the way promo codes work for some transactions.

Promo codes will continue to work as they always have for most first devices purchases, offering a dollar off discount on the purchase price. However for select devices, including very inexpensive refurbs, a Ting service credit will be offered instead. This way we’re able to give the same dollar value discount but that discount is delivered upon activation as opposed to on purchase. It’s an incentive to activate and ensures that devices aren’t being sold at significant cost to us and never activated on Ting.

As soon as that chunk of code and backend connecting has been completed, refurbs will once again appear in the Ting lineup. Our dev team is hard at work on the code necessary to make this a reality. We hope to have refurbs back in our lineup before the end of this month.