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Why choose a no contract carrier?

homepageImages_contractWhen you’re looking for cell phone service, you have more choices available today than ever before.

You can shop around and compare between the four major carriers. They make a big deal about competing between themselves. The truth is though, it’s in the no-contract carriers where you see the real innovation and ultimately, the best pricing.

Here are five reasons to consider a no-contract carrier for your family or business mobile phone service.

1- No contracts

We’ll start out with an easy and obvious one: One of the key benefits of a no-contract carrier is that there are no contracts.

With a major carrier, you typically sign on for a couple of years at a set billing level. In return, you might receive what looks like a deal on a subsidized phone.

Make no mistake: You’re paying for that device several times over the course of a typical two-year agreement because you’re paying much more than you need to each month on your mobile bill.

2- Un-Bundles

Contract carriers want to sell you huge amounts of stuff you don’t necessarily need. Maybe you just want voice minutes and text messages but you don’t want to pay for a data plan. Maybe you want some data and some voice minutes but not text messaging. Maybe you want to use a little bit of mobile data, just for email for example, but you don’t want to pay the exorbitant rates a contract carrier demands.

Whatever the combination, some no-contract carriers let you choose and ultimately pay for just what you actually need as opposed to making you choose a bundled plan (uh, that’d be us, just to be crystal clear).

3- Price

This is really what it all comes down to. No-contract carriers offer a better deal than the big guys. By offering services that use the established mobile networks in the US but without actually owning that infrastructure, no-contract carriers have room to offer better, more sane pricing.

4- Innovation

While the big contract carriers are big ships that take a long time to adjust to changing currents, smaller, no-contract carriers have room to innovate.

As soon as you break free from the major carriers, your eyes open to a whole world of choice. There are no-contract mobile phone services that let you have a voice minutes-only plan (as opposed to bundling in a data plan you may not need or want). There are no-contract mobile phone services that use existing Wi-Fi networks to cut down on costs, there are no-contract carriers that offer a small amount of free service in exchange for you listening to ads. There are companies that only ask customers to only pay for what they actually use as opposed to struggling to use what they’re paying for (again, that’s us).

5- Customer service

It makes sense that a smaller company should care more about customer service. Not all the no-contract carriers have invested in customer support. With some no-contract carriers, most notably Ting, excellent customer service is a core ideal. You have an account number but you’re much more than just that number. For example, one of Ting’s core promises is to pick up the phone when customers call. Try it for yourself: 1-855-846-4389