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Why Ting on a GSM network is kind of a big deal

We hope you find some of the information in this article helpful – but we should point out that information about GSM/CDMA is outdated. Ting Mobile customers know they’ll continue receiving great coverage and service as Ting is currently on three nationwide LTE networks, including the nation’s largest and most reliable.

We’ll be hosting a Ting hangout tomorrow, Thursday, December 11 2014 at 3pm ET to discuss the GSM announcement and other exciting stuff. That’s 1500 hours for the more militaristic among us.

Turns out, not everyone is interested in reading a big dissertation on Ting adding service on a GSM network in February of 2015.

I know!

The best place to keep up to date with (and maybe secure a spot in an early beta) is on the Ting on a GSM network email list. Sign up after the jump, at the bottom of this blog post.

Now, with none of the nuance or arguably enjoyable turns of phrase (and without our epic Ting GSM SIM video embedded) here are the Ting on a GSM network bullet points:

  • Ting will offer service on a GSM network in February 2015.
  • At that time, better than 80% of smartphones sold in the US in the past two years will be able to come to Ting.
  • Yes, that includes the latest and greatest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, assuming they were purchased unlocked from Apple or can be unlocked by your current carrier.
  • If you have a GSM device chances are, all that you’ll need to come to Ting is an inexpensive GSM SIM card. We call it the Ting GSM SIM X1 for no other reason than it sounds kind of cool.
  • You can find out if the device you already own can come to Ting today, or if you’ll need to wait until February to come bring your phone to a better home. Run your phone through the Ting compatibility checker page (risk free, of course).
  • You can see what kind of coverage you can expect on the Ting GSM network over on the Ting GSM coverage page.
  • You should sign up below to receive all the news about Ting on a GSM network and a chance at securing a spot in one of our early beta rounds.

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