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Will Ting be expanding its Internet service to a broader audience?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Does Ting plan to expand its Internet service?

A question we’re asked a lot is, “when are you coming to my town/city/state/country?”

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is a little complicated. Believe us when we say we’d like to be everywhere, right now, offering our unlimited, symmetrical, crazy fast fiber Internet service to one and all. However, with every state, city and municipality comes its own set of challenges and rules.

“It’s like building the state highway system,” says Monica Webb, Ting Internet’s Government Relations, “It takes time.” We’ve outlined the dirty process of digging fiber in the ground before, but there’s also a lot of talking that needs to happen on a local level with various officials and organizations to get the necessary approvals to put said fiber in the ground. The good news is that Monica and company are out there, on behalf of Ting, trying to bring fiber Internet service to your hood.

See you soon 🙂