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Wireless charging technology: simple, safe and convenient

Our guide to wireless charging technology

One day, here at Ting HQ, we looked around and noticed a lot of us had wireless charging phones, but none of us were making use of wireless charging technology on a regular basis.

Truthfully, when we got those phones, we were pretty excited about the idea of tossing our phone on a wireless charging pad and forever ditching the cluttered world of cords and adaptors.

There’s really no reason we shouldn’t be using wireless charging. Qi is the open interface standard for wireless chargers and is widely available in a ton of affordable charging pads today.

Today, we’re going to dive into the basics of wireless charging technology. We’ll cover how it works, how it affects battery life, share some phones that work with wireless charging (and are available in the Ting Shop) and give you some insight into our favorite Qi charger on the market today.

Qi: the standard for wireless charging

Wireless charging tech has been around for a long time. Today, the standard is Qi and lots of different Qi-compatible chargers came out on the market. There are a ton available online and in stores that will work with any Qi compatible phone.

How does wireless charging work

wireless charging technologyAll you have to do is place your phone face up on a wireless charging mat or tabletop. Voila, you are now charging wirelessly.

Basically, wireless charging works by transferring energy from the charging mat to a receiver in your phone’s back via electromagnetic induction. One part of a transformer (a coil) is in the mat and the other part of a transformer (another coil) is in the back of your phone.

When electricity flows through the coil in the mat it produces a magnetic field. Energy flows from the coil in the mat to the coil in the back of your phone. Your phone and the charger have to be pretty close together for wireless charging to work. Once these coils are next to each other, electromagnetic induction takes place and charges your phone.

Is wireless charging safe?

Wireless charging is very safe. The electromagnetic field created by the charger and picked up by your phone is, relatively speaking, fairly small and weak. To put it in a bit of context, wireless charging technology is the same kind of tech you’ll see in your average electric toothbrush.

Does wireless charging reduce battery life?

Wireless charging actually has a lower current compared to wired charging. This is because the coils are separated by space and glass or plastic (on your charging pad and on the back of your phone). Wireless charging is thought to provide a more stable charging environment for batteries than wired charging.

Wireless charging phones

iPhone X isn’t the only phone out there that can charge wirelessly. Check out these phones, all available in the Ting Shop, that support Qi wireless charging.

Best wireless chargers

There are a lot of Qi wireless chargers available online today and they’re pretty affordable, starting in the $10 to $20 range.

We love Ikea’s range of wireless chargers because they look great and integrate well with furniture like tables and lamps. Most of the ones available on Amazon are black and circular and aren’t necessarily the nicest looking (assuming home decor is important to you).

Is wireless charging worth it?

We like to think so. With wireless charging technology, you can say goodbye to cords forever. Give your battery a boost with a stable charge. We love the futuristic feeling of wireless charging and how easy it is to integrate into a home office space.

Do you wireless charge? Let us know in the comments.

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