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Ting Mobile is great if you’re working from home

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If you’re one of the eight million or so Americans that are successfully working from home, two things are clear. One, we’re extremely jealous of you. And two, you’ve learned that there are considerations unique to your type of work. Some of them are centered around ensuring you’re set up for success with a great workspace and the right mindset. However, there’s also recognizing that there are opportunities you can take advantage of due to your work-from-home status. Yes, that’s in addition to avoiding a commute and workplace distraction (so jealous). A great example of this is the ability to avoid bloated phone plans since you’ll likely be spending the majority of your time with access to excellent Wi-Fi. And that, my friends, is why Ting Mobile is the perfect carrier for people working from home.   

Oh yeah? And why’s that?

The reason lies in five beautiful words: pay for what you use. At Ting Mobile, we don’t lock you into a plan where you’re paying for data, minutes and texts you don’t end up using. Neither will you be pre-paying and guessing how much you’ll need. At the end of each month, you’ll be charged for exactly how much you used. Use less? Then you’ll pay less, and as a person working from home, you can use much less with very little effort.

Working from home generally means you’ll be connected to a reliable Internet connection all day. You even avoid the daily commute during which, if you’re not driving, you’ll likely use less data. The end result is your mobile data needs are greatly reduced. When you’ve got a pay-for-what-you-use provider like Ting, that translates to huge savings. And we do mean huge. Some of our work-from-home customers commonly spend between zero and $10 a month on data. That’s a lot of extra cash to spend on stuff you really need (or have wanted since you saw it last week on Amazon, we’re not judging).

So I’ll just have to spend my money on voice and text? That’s pretty cool

Actually, you can save on those too! Most of us tend to forget that with the technology available to us today, we can minimize, and depending on the person we’re contacting, completely eliminate the need for conventional phone calls and messaging. Have you asked those individuals you contact the most whether they’re familiar with/would like to use WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or the like to stay in contact whenever you’re on Wi-Fi? And just like that, you’ve slashed the minutes and text you use monthly. Doesn’t change a thing if you’re on that expensive unlimited plan, but puts a bunch of money back in your pocket if you pay for what you use with Ting instead.

Sounds like  I can save some real money with Ting if I work from home

If I may quote the quality TV segments that are infomercials, “but wait, there’s more!”

First of all, we’re currently on two (soon to be three!) of the nation’s largest LTE networks. That means no matter where you are, you’re covered. When you activate your phone on Ting, we’ll place you on the network that will give you the best service given your main location and phone. With the freedom afforded by a work from home job, you may decide to pull up stakes and move somewhere new. If the service in your new locale is anything less than perfect, we can send you a SIM card to another one of our compatible networks.  

In addition to helping you save by paying for only what you use, we also give you the freedom of never being locked into a contract or plan. Although we’d love for you to keep saving with us forever, we understand that situations change (e.g. getting a free company phone). If you no longer need Ting service, you can simply cancel at any time with no penalties. 

I actually run a small business from home. Is Ting right for me?

Absolutely. At Ting, your business can share unlimited devices on one account. You’ll pay one low amount up to a certain number of minutes, texts or gigabytes. Following that, you’ll pay a fair rate per minute, text or gigabyte. The result? A business with 11-20 phones using Ting saves an average of $440 per phone, per year. That’s thousands in annual savings if you’ve got a few phones on your account. Using our app or dashboard, you’ll be able to see each device’s usage at a glance. You can even set alerts and limits for each one. Do your employees work from home full time or even part time? If so, you can expect even more monthly savings, and should you need help for any reason, you won’t have to worry about spending long periods of precious time on hold and sorting through automated menus. You’ll immediately be connected directly to our top-rated support staff.

Smarter mobile for working from home

If you work from home, you can lower your phone bill while enjoying unrivaled freedom and flexibility by switching to Ting. We’ve got more great news – your current phone can most likely come to Ting along with your phone number. Interested in saving a bunch of money on your mobile service? Check to see if your phone can come to Ting!