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YouMail review: visual voicemail and robocall blocker

YouMail Review

It’s no secret that scam calls and robocalls are a huge problem in the US. That’s why apps like YouMail | Android | iOS | can make all the difference. YouMail blocks robocalls and provides a visual voicemail interface for free. If you can’t get visual voicemail on your phone, try it out. And, of course, the app’s ability to block robocalls and scammers will keep your number protected and make your day way less annoying. But is it for you? Hopefully we’ll answer that question in this, our YouMail review.

While many phone service providers prevent their customers from using apps like YouMail, it’s fully compatible with Ting. What’s more, we’ve partnered with YouMail to give Ting customers an exclusive ad-free experience when using the free YouMail app.

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What is YouMail?

YouMail is a great visual voicemail option to those who can’t get visual voicemail natively on their phone. Visual voicemail lets you preview and listen to your messages like an email inbox so you don’t have to dial out. You can view and manage your messages in an easy to navigate interface. YouMail stores your messages and offers transcriptions so you can check your messages even when you’re unable to actually listen to them. 

YouMail also blocks spam and robocalls, identifying and blocking numbers without you having to do a thing. The app gives you custom call blocking options too and you can take even more control over who can get in touch with you.

How does YouMail work? Conditional call forwarding

YouMail works by accessing a feature on your phone called conditional call forwarding. This forwards unanswered calls to YouMail so the app can handle your voicemail and call blocking. 

As we always recommend when you download a free app and it asks for permissions, it’s important to review the privacy policy and make sure you’re comfortable with what those permissions mean. 

Blocking robocalls and scams

YouMail uses “audio fingerprints” to flag scams and robocalls when they leave a voicemail. YouMail identifies bad messages and blocks them in the future, no matter what number they come from. YouMail will also play the out of service tone when they have detected a bad number is calling. That means scammers and robocalls will take your number off their list, assuming your number is no longer in service. 

YouMail’s default settings will prevent most robocalls and also lets users ramp up the ability to block even more calls if they’d like to. For example, if you find you’re on an international call list you can block all international numbers or even any caller outside your contacts. 

So, the final YouMail review. How does YouMail perform?

The visual voicemail part of the app is solid. It’s easy to navigate and provides exactly what it says it does. The robocalling feature is headache-free. We like that YouMail lets you customize your block list and what kind of calls you’ll allow. YouMail says their default features will protect you from most of the standard robocalls and scams. To ramp up your protection, just use their customizable features. 

Carrier doesn’t support YouMail? Ting does. 

If you’re not on Ting and you’ve downloaded YouMail and are having problems, it might be because your carrier doesn’t support the app. Metro PCS, Boost Mobile and Google Fi don’t support conditional call forwarding and lock you to their voicemail services. 

Ting offers conditional call forwarding so that you have the option to use YouMail. 

Try YouMail ad-free

Ting customers can get the free YouMail app without ads. All you have to do is download the app and follow the prompts. YouMail will recognize Ting as your provider and give you an ad-free experience. 

What did you think of our YouMail review? Is there anything that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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