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See how Ting mobile rates stack up
with your current plan

Spend a minute to calculate your savings. Grab a bill or two
from your current provider and see how much you'd save!
No bill? Click here to estimate your usage.

Good News! We can import your last three bills for you. Log in with your credentials to get started. We will not store or save any private information from your account. We are simply loading up your three bills to populate your savings.

Don't know security question?
Login to Verizon to find out.
Enter your actual monthly usage below Minutes
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Bill total
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Can I trust you with my login information?

Yes. Obviously we're going to say yes. But seriously. Yes.

We pass your login information to the account login page directly and securely. We grab the information from your bills in order to populate the calculator fields. We only store the raw numbers and potential savings without any personal information whatsoever. We do not store your login information, your bills or any other information from your account and nor would we want to.

How can I improve accuracy of my Ting Calculator results?
The best way to improve the accuracy of your calculation is to enter as many bills as you can from your previous carrier. Because your usage probably varies widely month to month, the more bills you can enter, the more accurate your calculation will be.
I have two phones on separate plans. How should I fill out the calculator?

Rather than entering the bills on separate lines, add the total minutes, messages and gigabytes used and the total cost of both plans for one month. Enter this information as one bill.

If you're calculating a business mobile plan with multiple devices you can use the Ting Total Cost of Ownership Worksheet available on the Ting business page.

My current plan is unlimited. How should I enter my information?
Even with an "unlimited" plan, your carrier should still break down your actual usage for voice minutes, text messages and gigabytes of data on your monthly bill. Enter your actual monthly usage into the Ting calculator to see if you're overpaying for mobile on average.
What other savings does Ting offer that are not included in my savings calculation?
  • Ting doesn't charge extra activation fees.
  • Ting doesn't charge extra for voicemail, caller ID, call waiting etc..
  • Ting doesn't charge extra for tethering / portable hotspot.
  • Ting doesn't charge add-on or recovery fees; we only collect the taxes and regulatory fees we're legally required to collect and remit on our customers' behalf.
What else can I factor in to my savings calculation?
After you enter at least one previous carrier bill and click to calculate your savings, you'll have the option to enter more data to see how it might affect your savings. You can factor in the purchase price of a new or used device, enter the early termination fee your current carrier may charge you to break contract and factor in money you will receive by selling your current device.
How do I calculate taxes and surcharges?

Taxes and surcharges are difficult to pin down because they vary widely by location. They are not included in your calculation for this reason.

Taxes and surcharges will be the same as or less than you pay with your current carrier as we do not charge recovery fees.

More details on mobile phone taxes and regulatory fees can be found on the Ting blog.

What about international calling and roaming?
Ting includes voice roaming on the Verizon network in the US at no extra charge. If you are planning to use your phone while traveling internationally be sure to read about roaming rates. If you make international calls on your mobile phone, you'll want to check out Ting's international calling rates too.