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Bring your device to Ting and get savings on your savings.

Have a Sprint* device in hand? Check its ESN/MEID below and bring it to Ting.
Want to see some options? Take a look at our supported devices list.
Where do I find this?
Some devices can't make the move to Ting. Here's what you need to know.

Want to see some options?
You've got plenty of those!

Shopping around for a used device to bring to Ting? Check out the supported devices list below.
Just make sure you ask the right questions before you buy.


  • iPhone 5


  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S


  • EVO 4G LTE


  • Detail
  • EVO 3D (X515C)
  • EVO Design 4G (C715C)
  • EVO Shift 4G (A7373)
  • EVO View (ATP515CKIT)


  • Arrive (T7575)
  • Falcon 1 (PPC-5050)
  • Harrier (PPC-6600) no MMS
  • Hero 200 (A6277)
  • Shift x9000 (X9000)
  • Snap S511 no MMS
  • Sprint Touch Pro 2 (PPC6850) no MMS
  • Touch Pro (T7272)


  • 1135
  • 2255 no MMS
  • 2345
  • 3245
  • 6035
  • 7135
  • Blade (KX424/KE424C)
  • Brio (S3015)
  • Domino (S1310)
  • DuraCore (E4210)
  • DuraMax (E4255)
  • DuraPlus (E4233)
  • DuraXT (E4277)
  • Echo (SCP-9300)
  • Hydro (C5170)
  • KX440
  • Kyocera Kona
  • Milano (C5120)
  • Phantom (K454)
  • PLS680EXP
  • QCP-2035
  • Rise
  • Slider Remix/Slider Sonic (KX5)
  • Soho (KX1)
  • X-TC (M200)


  • Mach
  • Nexus 5 (Google Play version)
  • Viper


  • 101
  • 230
  • 400
  • 1010 no MMS
  • 1200 no MMS
  • AX140
  • Axis (LGAS740)
  • CG225 no MMS
  • Eigen (LX730)
  • Fusic (LS550) no MMS
  • Gelato (LS685)
  • Gelato Q (LS700)
  • Lotus (LX600) no MMS
  • Lotus Elite (LX610)
  • LS120
  • LS225
  • LS230
  • LS535
  • LS545
  • LS680
  • MN240/LN240
  • Muziq (LX570) no MMS
  • Optimus Elite (696KIT)
  • Optimus Me (P350)
  • Optimus S (LS670)
  • Pop (LS510)
  • Remarq (LN240)
  • Rumor (LX260) no MMS
  • Rumor Reflex (LS272)
  • Rumor Touch (LN510)
  • Rumor2 (LS265) no MMS
  • Snapshot (LS730)
  • Spyder (LS830)
  • Town GT350
  • TP5200
  • TP5250 (LS125)
  • VI-125
  • VI5225
  • VI5225


  • Photon Q


  • Photon (MB855)


  • Admiral (XT603)
  • Buzz (IC502)
  • C290 no MMS
  • Deluxe (IC902) no MMS
  • ES400
  • KRZR K1M no MMS
  • MC 9500
  • MC65 (MC64)
  • Mobile Workstation (MW810)
  • Motorola 230
  • Motorola Blend (ic402)
  • Motorola Buzz+ (ic602) no MMS
  • Motorola C18A
  • Motorola E950
  • Q
  • Q9C no MMS
  • QA30 (WA30)
  • RAZR (V3M) no MMS
  • RAZR2 (V9M) no MMS
  • Renegade (V950) no MMS


  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy Note II
  • Galaxy SIII


  • Conquer (D600)
  • Epic 4G (D700)
  • Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710)
  • Nexus S 4G (D720)



Data Devices

  • 250U
  • 598U
  • 598U
  • AC253U
  • AC402
  • AC550
  • AC555
  • AC580
  • AC585
  • AC595
  • AC802
  • AC803
  • Compass 597
  • Compass 597
  • MC5725
  • MP555
  • PC3300
  • RAVEN XE-27


  • Flash


  • 3721
  • C72
  • Candybar (C78)
  • Fury (N850)
  • MC2716
  • MC2718
  • Warp

Data Devices

  • AC30
  • Peel (ZTE3200)


  • Optik (SV55)

Acer Data Devices

  • Gobi 2000 Laptop (ACEGOB2LTP)

Airvana Accessories

  • Airave 2.0
  • Airave 2.5
  • Airave 2.5+

Asus Data Devices

  • Gobi 2000 Laptop (ASUGOBI2LT)

Audiovox 3G/2G/Feature

Dell Data Devices

  • Laptop (DEL1010NBK)

Franklin Data Devices

  • S600c (S600c)
  • U301
  • U600
  • U602
  • U680
  • U685

HP Data Devices

  • DV5 Gobi 2000 Laptop (BBHPGO2LTP)
  • Laptop (HPG20HK)

Hitachi 3G/2G/Feature

Huawei Data Devices

  • 5072
  • C323
  • Gobi 3000 (EM680)

Nokia 3G/2G/Feature

Novatel Data Devices

  • C201
  • E725
  • EX720
  • Merlin C201
  • Merlin C777
  • Merlin S620
  • MiFi 2200
  • Mifi 5580
  • U720
  • U727
  • U760

PCD Accessories

  • Home Phone Connect 2
  • Home Sprint Phone Connect

Sierra 4G WiMAX

  • W801

Starcom 3G/2G/Feature

Toshiba Data Devices

  • Gobi 2000 Laptop (TSHGOB2LTP)


What kinds of devices can I bring to Ting?

You can bring most used, inactive Sprint® devices to Ting. That said, there are some restrictions on devices released less than a year ago. Likewise, BlackBerry and push-to-talk (PTT) devices cannot make the move.

Can I bring an unlocked device to Ting?
A device must be able to access the Sprint wireless network in order to work with Ting. Some "unlocked" devices like the Nexus 5, can be brought to Ting. That said, "unlocked" is a term typically used to refer to GSM-only devices which cannot be activated on Ting.
How long does the bring your own device process take?
If you're activating a new number on Ting, the process is instantaneous. Bringing an existing mobile number to Ting (porting) generally takes two to three hours.
How do I find my device's ESN/MEID?

With most devices, the ESN/MEID is at the back of the handset, underneath the battery. The ESN/MEID is normally an 18-digit number labelled DEC and starting with 256, 268, or 270. On some older phones and data devices, the ESN/MEID is an 11-digit number, often beginning with 096.

If your device does not have a removable battery, or if your ESN/MEID is not located behind your battery you can discover it through your device's settings (most likely in the "About Phone" menu).

I received an error that my device is not supported by Ting. What now?

If your device is not in the compatible devices list above, it can't be activated on Ting.

If your device is compatible but you're having trouble, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

I received an error that my device has been flagged as lost or stolen. What now?

If you are the original device owner and you believe the device has been flagged in error, you should contact your previous carrier to see if the flag can be removed. If this is a device you purchased through Glyde or another third party, you should contact the seller immediately to attempt to return it and get your money back.

My device has gone through the Bring Your Own Device to Ting process but is still not working. What now?

There are a couple of things you will manually need to change to activate your device. Please make sure you've gone through the steps to complete your activation. These steps will resolve most issues.

If you have tried these steps but are still experiencing errors or are unable to use certain functions on your device, please feel free to email us at or call 1-855-846-4389.