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Phone company holding
you hostage?

If your current phone company wants you to pay to leave,
we've got your back. Get 25% of whatever they want to charge you to cancel, up to $75 per device, in Ting credit for switching.
  1. Activate a device

    You can bring your own or buy a new one from us. Your call.

    Browse devices
  2. Move your number

    Switching your number to us will cancel your current account.

    Activate a device
  3. Submit your claim

    Send us your final bill and we'll credit your Ting account.

    Fill out ETF form


What constitutes a cancellation fee?

We define a cancellation fee as any penalty you had to pay to leave. That could be an early termination fee (ETF), a device financing or leasing fee.

I already paid my cancellation fees. Am I eligible?

Yes. Please submit your final bill from your previous carrier within 30 days of the date listed on said bill.

I'm bringing over multiple lines. Can I stack my Ting credits?

Yes. You'll be asked to select the number of lines under contract you're bringing to Ting when filling out the form. We'll reimburse you 25% up to $75 for each line that has a cancellation fee associated with it.

I'm not a Ting customer. Can I get in on this?

Yes. Just port the line(s) that are under contract over to Ting, fill out the relief form and we'll reimburse 25%, up to $75 per line, as Ting credit.

I'm already a Ting customer. Can I get in on this?

Yes. If you're an existing Ting customer looking to add another line to your account and you'll be paying a cancellation fee to do so, we'll reimburse you too.

What if I want to get a new number?

That's no problem. However, in order to tie your payment to your Ting activation, you'll need to bring your current mobile number (the one with the fee associated) over to Ting. Once it's been moved over, it's easy to change your mobile number in your Ting account dashboard.

How do I get my final bill from my previous carrier?

If you have access to your previous carrier's online account tools you can download a PDF of your final bill. Otherwise, wait a couple of weeks and you'll receive your final bill in the mail.

How should I submit my contract fee documents?

The easiest way is to download a PDF of your final bill from your previous carrier's online account tools.

Failing that, you can either scan or take a clear photo of your final bill. Specifically, the page that details your early termination fee(s).

In either case, upload the document using the relief form and you're on your way.

I submitted my documents. When will I see my Ting credit?

Please allow two business days to process and post your relief credit to your account. If we need any clarification, we'll be in touch using the phone number or email address you provided.