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Save on your family's
monthly mobile bill by sharing.

Sharing minutes, messages and megabytes under one simple mobile account means big monthly savings for Ting families. Each active device is just $6 per month and we give you all the control in your easy to use online account tools.

Average monthly bill for Ting families:

  • $42
  • $56
  • $71
  • $87

Don't take it from us...

"The thing that is wonderful about Ting is that I didn't have to change my family's usage patterns or levels but still am saving a great deal of money every month. NO contracts and the customer service here is wonderful as well."

Lia Paul
Five phones
Saves $200/mo.

"We never before found a smartphone plan where data was optional and reasonable to manage. Our agreement with our teens was always that when they could pay for their data, they could upgrade to smartphones. Ting actually lets us figure out each persons portion of the bill quite easily."

Curtis Johnson
Four phones
Saves $120/mo.

"My wife and I use wifi at work and home a lot, so using a phone and keeping our data usage low/limited helps us to save money. The big companies do not give benefits for using less."

Andres Jimenez
Two phones
Saves $90/mo.

How much would your family save?

To see exactly how much your family would save with Ting, grab a couple of recently monthly bills and do your own family savings calculation.

Good News! We can import your last three bills for you. Log in with your credentials to get started. We will not store or save any private information from your account. We are simply loading up your three bills to populate your savings.

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