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Cell phone savings start here.

At Ting, we want you to save money on your cellphone. The average bill on Ting is just $23 for an active phone on an account.

Frankly, we’re a bit different from other carriers. The 3 videos below will help explain how we work and give you a sense if we could be great for you.

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How does this Ting thing work?

  1. Phone choices explained

    Phone choices explained video link
  2. Understanding Ting rates

    Understanding Ting rates video link
  3. Our nationwide networks

    Our nationwide networks video link

Ready to get started?

  1. Check your phone

    See if the phone you already own will work with Ting. Otherwise, grab a new one from the Ting shop.

    Compatibility checker
  2. See what you'll save

    Compare what you're currently paying with what you'd pay for the same usage on Ting.

    Savings calculator
  3. Check your coverage

    Check which network—CDMA on Sprint or GSM—is strongest where you live and work.

    Coverage maps

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