Clear, honest pricing

No introductory pricing, no negative billing, no fee creep.

Bring your gear

Use your own Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K or get gear from us.

120+ channels

All of the channels you want, none of the filler you don’t.

All HD

While you can watch Ting TV channels in SD if that’s your thing, we offer all HD at no extra cost.


Whether you’re on a TV, a tablet or a smartphone, you already know how to use Ting TV, the Ting TV app and the intuitive Ting TV channel guide.

Record it

With a DVR unit, bend live TV to your will and record whatever you want. What’s more, watch your recordings from any Ting box in the house.

An honest take on TV

Cable companies will pad your bill with extra fees and hidden charges. With Ting TV you’ll always get clear, upfront pricing. No gimmicks and no tricks.

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Fee category
Ting TV
Cable TV
Broadcast TV fee
No fee
Regional sports fee
No fee
HD technology fee
No fee
Universal connectivity charge
No fee
Total hidden fees