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Getting started with Tinitell.

Ting makes cell phone service simple and affordable. You only pay for what you use each month. This makes Ting perfect for Tinitell users. Based on typical Tinitell usage, you can expect to pay around $9 a month plus tax.

If your Ting SIM card did not come pre-inserted, please insert it now.

Activate your Tinitell

Every Tinitell comes with $27 in Ting usage credit. Credit will be applied on activation.

Activate your Tinitell

Check coverage

Have a look at Ting's GSM coverage map to confirm the type of coverage you can expect in your area.

Check your coverage

Set alerts and caps

With Ting you pay for what you use. Learn how to set an alert or cap so you can track your Tinitell's usage every month.

Manage your monthly usage


What kind of coverage can I expect on Ting?
Ting offers service on a nationwide GSM network, be sure to have a look at our GSM coverage map to confirm service in your area. Your new Tinitell device will operate on the 2G network.
What is an IMEI and where can I find it?
An IMEI is a unique number that tells us a bit about your device. It can be found on the back of your Tinitell or on the bottom of the box your device came in.
Do I need to pre-pay for my Ting service?
No. Ting is a post paid service, your child will use their Tinitell and every month based on that usage will automatically bill the credit card you have on file with us. To keep up to date with your Ting usage you can set alerts and caps, login to your Ting account or use our handy app.
What types of payment does Ting accept?
Bill payment with Ting is monthly and entirely automated. You just make sure you have a valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card on file and we will take it from there. You can also use Amazon Payments to pay your monthly bill.