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Welcome, RingPlus members

UPDATE:We are hearing some reports of delays in usage and number of active lines being reported to the Ting dashboard. This is a display issue only, primarily affecting lines migrated from RingPlus*. Your phones and phone numbers are active on Ting and usage is being recorded. We apologize for the trouble and are working hard to rectify. We’ll update as soon as this little display bug has been squashed.

*as if you guys haven’t been through enough!

RingPlus has gone out of business. We’ve stepped in with a lifeline. On February 21, all RingPlus numbers will be moved over to Ting. (Hi, we’re Ting. It’s nice to meet you. We wish the circumstances were better.)

We’re giving every RingPlus member the greater of $35 or the value of their top ups as credits to get started with Ting and mobile that makes sense.

If you take us up on our offer, your phone and your number will keep working on Ting after the transition. We think you’ll be happy here. If not, you’re free to take your number wherever you want to go. In either case, this button will get you started:

Verify your Number

How Ting works

At Ting, we don’t do plans. Voice minutes, text messages and mobile data are each billed separately. As a Ting customer, your billing cycle starts at just $6 per active number. Rather than pick a plan, you use whatever voice minutes, text messages and mobile data you need. You only pay for the levels you reach and you are in control of where your bill ends up each month.

The average bill on Ting for a smartphone is just $23 per month. Ting’s low rates make it possible to keep a fully functioning “emergency phone” on hand for as little as $6 – $12.

Take a look at Ting Rates to get an idea of what your bill will look like.

Because all usage is pooled and shared between phones on your account, Ting tends to work out especially well for families with multiple phones.

If you choose not to take us up on our offer, you’ll be able to move (port) your number from Ting to another carrier easily.

For some context on the RingPlus shutdown, the mechanics, how we’re helping RingPlus users rescue their numbers and some frequently asked questions, please read on.

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* Take a look at the Ting rates page and our Ting Rates 101 video
* Discussion on reddit: Ting subreddit | RingPlus subreddit

Read on to find answers to some common RingPlus refugee questions.

We're here to help

Already read through the FAQ and have a unique question for us? Just reach out and we'll be happy to give you an answer.

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Am I losing my RingPlus number?
No. RingPlus is shutting down and your number will be migrated to Ting. Once it's been moved, you can either engage with Ting as your new service provider (good call!) or you can easily port your number out to wherever you like (sorry to see you go.)
When will the migration take place?
It's already happened! Verify your RingPlus number now.
How will I know when my account has been moved to Ting?
Keep an eye on your email. We'll send you a message with next steps as soon that happens.
Will Ting honor my RingPlus plan?
We don't like saying no. But no. If you choose to stay with Ting, you'll pay Ting rates. No plans are being "grandfathered" and we're not adopting any elements of the RingPlus model. Not to put too fine a point on it but if it was a sustainable model, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
What are you offering to people coming from RingPlus?
We're offering $35 in Ting credit to get started or the value of all your top-ups, whichever is greater. $35 will be credited to every RingPlus member that opens a Ting account. Any credit balance over $35 will be issued at a rate of $5 per month until exhausted.
Should I create a Ting account now?
Sure! First, verify your RingPlus number and we'll guide you through the process.
Can I still use my phone?
Once your number has been moved to Ting, you'll have enough service to keep in touch. You need to either get started with Ting or move your number elsewhere within 48h.
I have several numbers under one RingPlus account. Will each one receive a $35 credit?
No. The $35 credit is being offered on a per-account basis. It is not being offered based on the number of phone numbers on an account.
I don't want to use Ting. What do I do?
First, verify your RingPlus number. You'll have the option to start service with Ting or port your number elsewhere.
Can I use my RingPlus phone on Ting?
Absolutely. If your phone uses a SIM card, there's no need to replace that either.
How will the credit you're offering work on Ting?
Your account will be moved over to Ting and you'll receive the greater of $35 or the value of whatever RingPlus top-ups remained on your account when they closed up shop. $35 will be immediately credited to your new Ting account. The remainder of your balance, if applicable, will be applied as $5 credits at a rate of one per month, starting once the initial $35 credit has been exhausted.
My RingPlus account is suspended or has a negative balance. What does that mean for me?
RingPlus might have something to say about that but at this stage, we don't. Your number will be moved and if you sign up, you'll receive your $35 Ting credit.
Can I combine this promo with another or refer other RingPlus refugees to stack credits?
No. Only one credit can be applied when opening an account on Ting. The $35 we're offering RingPlus refugees is already more generous than we'd typically offer.