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Welcome to Ting, Charge customers

If you liked Charge, we think you’ll like Ting. We’re offering an exclusive, non-expiring $3 monthly line fee (regular $6) for every Charge customer that comes to Ting.

An exclusive offer for Charge customers

The team behind the data-only carrier Charge has decided to focus its efforts elsewhere. Rather than just leave customers in the lurch, Charge reached out to us, Ting, to work out a fair deal for customers who might otherwise be displaced. We’re happy to offer said fair deal. Fair deals are kind of our thing.

Charge will cease operations on June 30 and in advance of that, Charge customers are invited to accept a unique special offer from Ting. While Charge is doing the right thing and refunding its displaced customers on their unused balance, Ting is stepping up to offer an exclusive, non-expiring $3 monthly line fee.

How Ting and Charge are alike

* Service on the Nationwide Sprint Network (Ting also offers GSM service).
* Support for the latest Android and iOS phones and tablets.
* No contracts and no commitments
* Pay for what you use instead of committing to a bloated plan.
* Simple, flexible mobile service with nothing to hide.
* Business ethos of treating people fairly and equitably.

How Ting and Charge stack up

Charge asked customers to purchase a bank of data up front and then draw from it as needed. Ting is a post-paid cell phone service where the level you reach for data (as well as minutes and text messages, if applicable) determines your bill. Each month, the counter resets. If you use very little, you pay very little. If you use more, you pay a little more.

With Ting, you get unprecedented control over your account. Turn services on or off at the account or the individual phone or device level. Services like data, voice or text messaging, MMS, International calling, tethering and much more on or off in your Ting control panel.

Ting Charge
Line fee $3 $3
Price per GB $10/GB beyond the first $13/GB
Billing Post-paid service, billed monthly Pre-paid data, topped up as needed.
Devices on an account Unlimited Unlimited
Service type Full service with data and (optionally) voice and text messaging. Data-only
Network(s) CDMA + GSM CDMA
Granular usage control tools Yes No
Supported devices Just about any device that has a SIM card slot… and even some that don’t. Compatible Sprint devices.


How Ting rates work


Move to Ting

Sound good? Great! We'd love to have you on Ting.

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What is happening to my Charge balance?
Charge has stated that all balances will be refunded.
Is Ting acquiring Charge?
No. We just worked out a deal that tries to satisfy everyone as much as possible; our partnering with Charge is best described as an affiliate relationship.
Is Ting data-only?
If you only use data, on Ting, you only pay for data. You have the option to turn voice minutes and text messages on or off in your Ting account control panel. That said, if you choose to use voice minutes and text messages, on Ting, you have that option too.
What are you offering to people coming from Charge?
An exclusive $3 line fee for all devices on your Ting account. While it will show $6/line initially on your Ting Dashboard, this will be corrected prior to your first bill.
Can I bring the phone or data device I was using on Charge over to Ting?
Yes. Your Charge SIM card will work too. What's more, Ting supports a much wider range of phones and devices than Charge did.
Do I need to port my number to Ting?
No, but if you like the number that was assigned to your Charge device, you can if you so choose.