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Only pay for what you use.

How you use your phone determines what you pay. Use less? Pay less. Every month is different.
Play around below to see what your bill could be.

How many people are in your household? More devices on Ting tend to save more money.

$6 each

6 +
How many minutes do you need across devices? The average Ting account uses about 200 minutes per device a month.


No usage
How many texts do you need across devices? The average Ting account uses about 300 texts per device a month.
Text Messages

Text Messages

No usage
How much data do you need across devices? The average Ting account uses about 650MB (or 0.65GB) per device a month.


No usage

Your monthly bill would be $0.00

No contracts No commitments or cancellation fees, just use what you need and we'll settle up at the end of your billing cycle.
Freebies Voicemail, picture and video messaging, 3-way calling, caller ID, tethering, hotspot and more are included.
International International calling and texting to 60+ countries at no extra cost.

What would you save?

Spend a minute to calculate your savings. Grab a bill from your current provider and see how much you'd save with us!

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How does Ting billing work?
Voice minutes, text messages and megabytes of data are each billed separately. Your usage is pooled and shared across all the devices you have under your account. At the end of each billing cycle, we'll settle up for whichever usage level you hit.
Wait, so I'm not picking a plan?
Nope. No plans here. Rather than asking you to pre-pay for a portion of your usage, we decided to keep things simple. Just use what you need and we'll settle up at the end of your billing cycle.
Can I limit how many minutes, messages or megabytes a device on my account can use?
Yes. Your Ting account dashboard lets you set alerts and even hard usage caps for the different devices under your account.
What if my account exceeds the XL level?
If you go beyond the XL level for minutes or text messages, you'll switch to per-unit billing. Voice minutes are billed at 1.9¢ per minute and text messages are billed at ¼¢ per message. Beyond the XL level for data, up to each gigabyte (1024 MB) of additional usage is $10.
How am I billed for talk time?
Ting usage is billed by the minute, which means if you make a call that lasts for 2 minutes and 45 seconds, the call is rounded to 3 minutes. Calls begin when the call is answered. Calls that are not answered (including ones that go to voicemail) are not considered billable airtime. The call you make to check your voicemail (unless you make it from another device) is not billed.
Are there any fees in addition to usage?

Yes. Each activated number on your account costs $6 per month. Beyond this active device fee, any taxes, regulatory fees or government mandated surcharges will be clearly displayed on your bill.

International calls, roaming outside of the US and calls to directory assistance ($1) are also charged separately.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Amazon Payments. Payments are automatically collected from your selected payment method at the end of your billing cycle.
Is there a limit to the number of devices I can have under my account?
No. You can have as many devices as you like under your account sharing pooled usage. Each active device is billed at $6 per month.
Will I ever be billed before the end of my pay period?
It's possible but for most Ting customers, unlikely. "Mid-cycle billing" is an effort to identify what could be fraudulent usage and to intervene. While we've tried to strike the right balance to catch fraudsters but not snare regular Ting customers, admittedly, the solution is not perfect.
Picture and video messages are billed as data based on the size of the file you are sending or receiving. They do not count towards your text messages.
Call forwarding and number transfer (porting in or out) are included, and you can close your account at no charge.
We are obligated to collect taxes and regulatory fees on behalf of federal, state and local governments. When you receive your bill you'll get an itemized account of all of these fees. We don't add any "recovery fees" or hide anything that isn't truly required in this charge.
$1.00 / call