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Ting doesn’t do plans

Ting doesn’t do plans

Use what you need and settle up at the end of your billing cycle. Use less? Pay less.

Add a line and save even more

Add a line and save even more

Add multiple lines to your account, share all your usage and watch your cost per line go down.

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On Ting, your bill changes depending on what you use.

How many lines do you need?

Start at $6 per line and add as many as you need. Ting is a flexible option.

How many talk minutes do you need?

All usage is shared across all your phones. Use less one month? Pay less that month.Share your usage. Use less one month? Pay less.

How many texts do you need?

Ting is great for families and groups. The more you share your usage, the more you can save.The more you share on Ting, the more you save.

How much data do you need?

You’re not committing to anything. On Ting, your bill isn’t set. It changes according to what you use.On Ting, your bill changes according to what you use

How it works

Nope, not a plan. Your usage is pooled and shared across all the devices you have under your account. Just use what you need and settle up at the end of your billing cycle.
Yes. You can set alerts and hard usage caps in your Ting Dashboard. You can even set custom alerts and caps for different phones under your account. That means one phone can have access to data while another can be restricted to talk and text.
Just the applicable taxes, regulatory fees or government mandated surcharges. We’ll always clearly display these fees on your bill. Some international calls, roaming outside of the US and calls to directory assistance ($1) are also charged separately.

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