Devices - Ting


When will my device arrive?
Shipping times vary with the shipping method chosen and your physical location. Standard (free) shipping averages two to five days to metropolitan areas. For rural areas and non-contiguous states add another two to five days to that average.
Do you offer express shipping?
Yes. You'll have the option to choose express shipping at checkout.
Do you offer $0 phones?
No. As we don't deal in contracts, we also don't deal in $0 or otherwise heavily subsidized devices.
Can I get device insurance for my purchase?
Device insurance is not something we currently offer. However, you can certainly get insurance through a third party if you choose.
Does Ting offer a guarantee for devices I purchase?
Absolutely. If you have any trouble with a device you've purchased from Ting, please get in touch and we'll make it right.
Why are you asking if the address I supplied is a business or residence?
We ask this question because it affects shipping. Shipping to a residential address means after-hours and sometimes weekend delivery. Shipping to a business address means packages arrive Monday to Friday in the 9-5 hours.
How do I activate my device?
Activating a device on Ting is easy. We'll send you complete instructions via email as soon as your device ships.
Can I move my existing phone number to this new device?
Absolutely. If you're moving from another carrier to Ting you have the option to "port" (bring) your number along. If you're upgrading your Ting device just give us a shout when you get your phone and we'll move the number to your new phone for you. 1-855-846-4389.