Trade in your phone and
make the move to Ting.

Swap your AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile device for one that's Ting-ready. Whatever you sell your phone for, we'll top you up with an additional 30% in Ting credit to off-set the cost of your new phone.
  1. Activate a new device on Ting

    Whether it's one you bought new or used from us or elsewhere, bring it to Ting!

  2. Sell your incompatible device on Glyde

    Set up an account with Glyde and sell your non-Sprint device in their marketplace.

  3. Claim your credit

    Fill out this form within 60 days of your sale and we'll drop your credit into your Ting account shortly.



Any restrictions on devices that can be traded in?
All T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon devices are eligible. If you have a Sprint device you want to sell to come to Ting, chances are that you’re eligible for our BYOD program already and can just go ahead and activate.
Does it matter whether I buy a device and activate before or after selling on Glyde?
No, it doesn't. If you're more comfortable selling first because you want the funds from the sale to cover the cost of your new device, go ahead. If on the other hand, you're more comfortable buying first because you don't want to be left without a phone, then by all means. It's entirely up to you.
How will I be reimbursed?
You'll receive cash for your device sale. We’ll also credit you for 30% of the sale price of your device as Ting credit.
When should I fill out the form?
You should only fill out the form after your device sale has completed on Glyde. Bear in mind that you won’t receive credit until you activate a device on Ting.
How long will I have to activate a device on Ting after qualifying for a credit?
Once you’ve filled out the form and notified us of an eligible Glyde sale, activate a device any time within the next 3 months and we’ll apply the credit straight to your account.
How long does selling a device on Glyde take?
Fulfillment times can vary on Glyde. Once your device sells in their marketplace, you’ll be sent a shipping kit. The sooner you send your device, the sooner your sale will complete. Once the buyer confirms the device is in the condition promised, the sale closes. On average, this process takes about two weeks.
Do I have to Sell through Glyde?
Yes. Our relationship with Glyde is what makes the trade-in process possible.
What price do I have to sell at?
Glyde limits the upper and lower sale prices according to market value. You can sell your device for any amount along this spectrum. We advise pricing your device to move so you're not waiting around, but it's your choice.
Do I have to activate with Ting to qualify?
Yes. Your trade-in isn't complete (and you won't receive your credit) until after you've activated a device on Ting.
Where do I find the Glyde order number that I need to submit?
The order ID is listed in the transaction email Glyde sends.
Do I need a Ting account to qualify for this promo?
Yes. The account that you are planning to activate your device on should be the same account that you’re logged into when you submit the form for this promotion.
Can I transfer my credit to another account?
No. Once processed, trade-in credit is non-transferrable. If there's a different account you'd like the credit to be applied to, simply go through the trade-in process while logged into that account.
I sold a device and activated on Ting recently. Am I eligible?
If you sold your device through Glyde and activated a new line on Ting within 60 days then yes, you're eligible. Just fill out the form and we'll take care of the rest!