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Twitter, the newest cord cutting service

When you think of Twitter you likely think of a social media site that offers short text posts or images. Now Twitter wants to break out into new areas, including live TV.

This may be a sign of how popular cord cutting is becoming, as everyone seems to want in on the cord cutting market.
So what events can you expect to watch on Twitter?

Ting pricing promise

This blog post partly comes out of internal conversations we have all the time here about pricing and promotions on both the Ting mobile service and the Ting Internet service. But to be honest, it mostly comes out of a phone call I had with my cable company last week. On behalf of Ting (without actually running it by everybody first), I vow that we will never do any of the following:

The bait and switch

Screenshot 2016-07-26 11.59.30This is where you promote a big, bold monthly rate with a really subtle message that it goes up after twelve months and then again after twenty-four months. Oh, here’s a great example. Click “Pricing & Other Info.” on any of those packages on that page (also shown at right).

A trial period is cool. I suppose some sort of clearly communicated timed pricing tiers could even be something that people would choose willingly. But ask a bunch of folks on this plan what their pricing will go up to at twenty-four months. I don’t think anybody knows. (I definitely did not. This was the subject of my call with the cable company last week.)

Competing with this tactic sucks for us. We will always hear, “Hey, your price is higher!” And then we have to explain, “No it isn’t because that’s our real price a year from now. Click that small link…” But doing it sucks worse. So we will not.

Customer support with Tye

Meet Tye, a recent addition to our customer support team at our brand new office in St. Catharines and our latest Profile on the Ting blog!

A Customer Advisor for a couple months now, Tye is on the front line for Ting, chatting with customers and helping them out however he can. From memorable customer experiences to daily life in the office, Tye has a lot to say about his experience so far.

Learn more in Tye’s Profile video below.

Holly Springs, meet City Manager, Todd Rubin

Ting Guy


Meet Ting’s new City Manager for Holly Springs, Todd Rubin.

He wants to be known around town as the “Ting Guy.” So as the face of Ting, he’ll be attending community events and he’ll be sparking conversations about high-speed fiber Internet. He’ll be the one to talk to if you’re curious about the work Ting is doing here in Holly Springs. He’ll also be liaising with local government, utilities and other representatives so things continue to run smoothly with the network roll-out.

He certainly has his work cut out for him as fiber network construction has begun and pre-orders continue to flow in. But we feel Todd’s got what it takes to be an outstanding ambassador for the Ting brand — as well as for the town of Holly Springs — since he’s passionate about both.

How to watch cable news after you cut the cord


Watching news without cable

So, are you ready to pull the plug on your cable or satellite provider but worried about losing access to your favorite news program?

We have great news for you! All the major news services like CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, CNBC and others are available to cord cutters! Yup, it does not matter if you’re a fan of Bill O’Reilly or Rachel Maddow — cord cutting has you covered.

It is true that in the past, leaving a paid TV service like cable meant losing access to cable news. However, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue now give you access to every cable news channel you may want, without the exorbitant cable bill.

Along with big names like FOX News and MSNBC, cord cutters can now get even more news services, which they can access all hours of the day, every day of the week.

Let’s take a look at the big names and on which of the two services they’re available.

Ting Download: Opera Max

The latest Ting Download helps you save on your cell phone bill without requiring any sort of effort.

Opera Max is a free app that automatically reduces your cellular data usage up to 50% by compressing data downloaded over the mobile network. It works with the majority of popular apps, including Instagram, Google Chrome, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Netflix. We’ve also tested Pokemon Go and noticed some savings – it’s minimal (18.8 MB used with 0.7 MB in savings), but it all adds up!

You can also manage your apps’ mobile data access (like restricting foreground or background data), monitor your data consumption within each app and much more.

Opera Max is currently only available on Android smartphones. For a similar app on iOS, check out Onavo Extend.