Why doesn’t Ting Internet offer multiple service levels?

fiber-no-bgWe believe that crazy fast fiber Internet is the future for North America. For the world, ultimately, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

We want to offer the best Internet access in North America and we want to do it at a reasonable price. What we don’t want to do—what we’ll never do—is play the big conglomerate cable access game.

To that end, we’re going all in on crazy fast fiber Internet access. What we’re offering is symmetrical gigabit Internet access. For homes, it’s $89 per month. For businesses, it’s $139 per month.

We think that the Internet access speeds the incumbents offer becomes less and less adequate each day. We think the packages they offer are at best a stall tactic while they try to squeeze every penny out of an aging infrastructure and at worst, an exercise in obfuscation.

In short, we believe in the gig and we’re confident in our all or nothing approach. We’re going to leave the middle ground to the traditional cable companies to muck around in. By sidestepping the 25, 40, 53⅓ Mbps options that the traditional copper wire guys offer, we’re stepping over that whole ugly part of the business, too. We think it’s time that Internet access in North America rise above all the scrabbling and positioning and instead step up with a little innovation.

We’re offering an inexpensive $19/mo. symmetrical 5 Mbps fiber connection to homes that want out from under the cable conglomerate thumb but for whom the gig is too much. This isn’t so much a product offering as it is a small, early effort at bridging the digital divide.

Ultimately, we’re offering symmetrical gigabit Internet access. That’s it, that’s all. If you get it, we’re confident that you’ll get it and we’ll do everything in our power to get it to you.

Ting tip for Android: Find your phone using Google Search

Become a smartphone power user with the bare minimum of geekery involved. Each week, we’ll share a simple, useful mobile trick. No fluff – just the tips.

So you’ve lost your phone, now what?

Thankfully, Android Device Manager is a simple way to find the exact location of your device, ring it and more.

Google recently made it even easier to locate your misplaced smartphone. It’s now just a Google Search away.

Allow us to blow your mind a little.

NATOA awards Westminster, MD and Ting the “Community Broadband Innovative Partnership of the Year”

natoa logoA few hours ago, The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) announced the recipients of their 2015 Community Broadband Awards.

NATOA is a professional association for local governments, specifically fighting any good fight that will help these communities get better access to telecommunications and broadband Internet services. These awards are intended to recognize people, towns, companies and initiatives each year that advanced the cause of broadband deployment and adoption in local communities.

Aside from bringing your attention to a great organization and a bunch of worthy recipients, we are proud to highlight that the City of Westminster, Maryland and Ting were named the “Innovative Partnership of the Year.”

First of all, it’s always kind of cool when multiple parties get an award together like that. It’s like the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line or the Chilean coal miners.

Second, it is just so fitting that we be recognized as partners and celebrated for our partnership. Cities and towns all over the US are pursuing fiber networks and Gigabit Internet service. A handful of good companies, large and small, are putting together offerings. What makes the initiative in Westminster so special is really how we are approaching it together.

That unique approach solves a few key problems.

We share the financial obligation and risk of building a fiber network that will service Westminster for the next century. We also share in the upside. So, Westminster has ensured that they will cover a portion of their investment, regardless of end user adoption. They have also ensured that they will benefit as adoption grows. It’s a smart deal for them and it feels like a great bet to us.

We have agreed to an open access model. For a period of time at launch, Ting will be both the exclusive network operator and the exclusive service provider. After that, while we will maintain the exclusive role of network operator, we will open up the network to competitive service providers. That gives Westminster the dual benefits of stability and competition. They know that the network will be managed competently by one closely managed relationship. They also know that their businesses and residents will benefit from having many providers competing to offer them the best service at the best price.

Finally, in the end, Westminster maintains complete ownership of this wonderfully valuable asset, their own fiber network. They were smart enough to foresee that would enjoy its benefits and its financial returns for many, many years. We simply and frankly agreed.

As we have said before, we are grateful to Mayor Utz, Dr. Wack, the council and all the people of Westminster for their vision and partnership. Now, we are grateful to NATOA for recognizing it.

Ting Unboxing: BLU Studio 6.0 LTE

If you’re a phan of the phablet phorm phactor, you’re looking to spend under $250 and you have a soft spot for sequential digits in price tags, the stars just aligned. The BLU Studio 6.0 LTE is $234 in the Ting shop.

Before you pull out cash and start waving it at the screen, insisting that we take your money, have a look at our unboxing video so you know what you’re in for.

When the time comes to take a closer look, the Ting Shop listing for the BLU Studio 6.0 LTE also boasts the absolute worst pun we’ve ever dispensed… and we’ve dispensed our fair share.

App of the Week: Swappa Price


Find out how much your phone’s worth with Swappa’s new app, Swappa Price. You can instantly view the average selling price of your used device along with a graph of price changes since its release.

The app also lets you check out prices of other used phones on the market and sort by specific manufacturers and carriers (like Ting).

If you think you’re due for an upgrade, it’s an easy way to get an idea of how much you’ll get for your current phone. While the app’s not helpful for buying or selling devices (tapping the “Buy” and “Sell” buttons just launches the mobile site), it’s handy for getting a quick valuation of your phone in hand.

Swappa Price is currently only available on Android, with an iOS version in the works.

Ask an Exec: Where next for Ting Internet?

We recently hosted a Ting Hangout to chat about the latest Ting Internet news and ended up with so many great questions. While we weren’t able to answer all of them on stream, we thought we’d choose some of the best that weren’t addressed and get the Director of Networks, Adam Eisner to respond!

Today’s question comes from Nicholas K, who wonders if we’re planning on expanding Ting Internet outward from Charlottesville or looking into regions all across the US.

Ting Unboxing: Moto E (2nd Gen)

“The Motorola Moto E is perhaps the perfect match with Ting; it’s smart, it’s friendly, it’s affordable.”

That’s this phone’s tagline in the Ting shop and it couldn’t be more true. A great balance of price and performance, the Moto E is at the vanguard of a movement for inexpensive but very usable smartphones.

At $147 and with compatible models for both our GSM and CDMA networks, it’s an excellent option for anyone looking to pick up a new smartphone to use on Ting.

Take a look at this awesome device in our latest Ting Unboxing.