My month with the Nexus 5X

We previously covered one of the best contenders in the sub-$200 range, and thought we’d step it up a notch for our second “Month with” smartphone review.

At $349, the Nexus 5X is part of a new generation of affordable flagships that claim to offer top-notch performance at a reasonable price. As a big fan of the Nexus 5, Google’s first true breakthrough in the Nexus smartphone world, I was excited to see what was in store for its successor.

I used the Nexus 5X for just over a month and from my first impressions, I felt like LG and Google did a pretty good job addressing the drawbacks of the original Nexus 5 while adding some useful additions into the mix. Launched alongside the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, this software update made a bigger difference than I would have expected.

But did the Nexus 5X live up to the hype? If you’re interested in my thoughts, read on.

Ask an Exec: Will running for public office help bring Ting Internet to my city?

Matt V on Twitter wonders whether running for public office would increase the chances of bringing Ting Internet to his city.

Michael Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Ting, explains how you can help influence your local government into bringing crazy fast fiber Internet to your town.

We’re also assessing demand through the Ting Internet watch list – if you have yet to add your town or city to the mix, head here and fill out the form!

Watch the Super Bowl without cable


Super Bowl 50 is upon us and, thanks to how cord-cutting friendly it will be this year, it’s poised to have one of the biggest audiences ever.

You can watch Super Bowl 50 at home without cable. The biggest US sports event is the friendliest one yet for cord cutters.

Ting Download: Pintasking

Whoever said multitasking on a smartphone was easy clearly never tried multitasking on a smartphone.

App switching has never been as simple as it should be. Sure, you can always tap the Recent apps button, but it involves pulling up a different screen and scrolling through cards to find the specific app you’re looking for. It’s far from a one-tap solution, and considering the extensive customizability Android offers, it’s a little silly there isn’t a better way.

You may sense where this is going…

Pintasking is a useful tool that turns your apps into small buttons that hang out on the side of your smartphone screen. Similar to Facebook Messenger’s “Chat Heads,” these circles aren’t intrusive and let you multitask like never before.

The premise is simple: Apps are pinned into floating shortcuts, that, when tapped, take you straight into the app. It’s the quickest way to switch between apps that we’ve ever seen, and since discovering it, it’s become a feature that we just can’t live without.

If you’re often using multiple apps on your smartphone, Pintasking is definitely worth a download. The basic version of Pintasking that allows pinning of just two apps is free. If it becomes indispensable, the Pro version for $3.99 lets you pin more multiple apps and offers much more customizability.

Take a look and learn more about the app in our review below.

Free TV guides for cord cutters

We were off to a great start when we canceled cable TV; our new antenna gave us access to an abundant amount of great content. But it wasn’t long before we noticed one unexpected blank spot in our family television entertainment. How would we figure out what was on TV and when it would air? We had become very dependent on our TV channel guide to tell us what was on each day. We felt as if we had gone back to the 1990s when a TV guide popped up every time we changed the channel.

The good news, as we found out, is that you can get a TV channel guide just like, if not better than, the one you had when you paid for cable TV.

Ting phone price drop

Good news!

A number of smartphones in the Ting shop have been permanently reduced in price.

What’s more?

They’re some of the most popular Android and iOS phones for sale in the Ting shop. If you’ve been thinking about an upgrade or know someone who could use one, now is a great time to take a look. So is tomorrow though, or next week. The price drop is permanent, you see?

List of phones:

  • iPhone 4s refurbished [CDMA] (Black, White)  $166 now $138
  • iPhone 5 refurbished [CDMA] (BlackWhite)  $248 now $237
  • iPhone 5s refurbished [CDMA and GSM] (Gold, Silver, Space Gray)  $353 now $338
  • Galaxy S5 refurbished [CDMA] (Out of stock)  $338 now $298
  • Galaxy S6 [CDMA] (Black, White) – $633 now $597