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Streaming for movie lovers

Family streaming movies together

Streaming movies is a favorite American pastime

Love watching a great movie while relaxing on the coach? If so, streaming may be your dream resource for movies. Not only can you find great paid subscription services, but there are many free services that are supported with ads.

So, as the weather gets colder and you settle down on the couch to enjoy a movie, here are a few services you should try out. Since we are going to focus on services you may not know about, services like Netflix and Amazon Prime will not be on this list.

Five inexpensive smartphones with flagship performance

In modern life, our phones are a big part of everything we do. We all want the latest iPhone, Galaxy or Pixel, but the price is too high for today’s smartphone standards.

While flagship phones tend to get all the press coverage, smart buyers look beyond the hype towards lesser-known phones and earlier models that still keep up with the best.

Below, you’ll find proof that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have a legendary smartphone experience. You’ll be able to get the latest news from your favorite websites, download some games, chat in the latest app, take a picture or shoot a video.

Even though the flagship phones win at being the most expensive, that rarely means that they are the best performers. Whatever you want to do, you can do it on the road and still have money left over to spend when you get there.

These five overachievers work on one (or both) of Ting GSM and Ting CDMA networks. Just make sure to pick up a compatible SIM card from the Ting Shop and you’re good to go. No contract, no worries.

Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

Choosing the right service for you

The world of Cord Cutting is a fast changing and ever growing market. Over the past few months, both PlayStation Vue and Sling TV have made huge jumps in the devices they support and content offered.

Now it is easier than ever to watch your preferred TV stations — without the need to get locked into a long-term contract. NFL and College football are viewer favorites and thanks in great part to Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, cord cutters now have no difficulty watching their favorite teams.

Yet, how do you choose the service that is right for you? Let’s dig into them and take a look at what they offer.

#TingIt: Monthly winners and a sticker giveaway

Ting sticker

Want to submit a #TingIt photo but already have a Ting SIM card? Submit your info at the bottom of this blog post and we’ll send you a free Ting sticker.

We recently decided to launch a fun #TingIt social media contest where we’ve been inserting a Ting sticker into every Ting SIM card we ship out and asking you to stick it, snap it and share it for a chance to win $100 in Ting credit. Each month we’ll select the two $100 credit winners, picking our two favorites across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Full details are on the back of the Ting sticker (shown below):


We received a bunch of great photos throughout September and have selected the two $100 Ting credit winners – thanks so much for all your submissions.

This promotion will run indefinitely, so keep an eye on Ting’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for our favorite #TingIt photos posted each month.