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App of the Week: Wikipedia

Why we love Wikipedia:

What’s not to love about having access to an encyclopedia in your pocket? While it may not be the sum total of human knowledge, it is “the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled.”

The Wikipedia app certainly beats lugging around a bookshelf full of weighty tomes… or just picking one book and hoping that any general knowledge nuggets you need have answers that start between St and Te.


Download from Google Play

If you’ve never heard of Wikipedia… first, that’s just weird. Second: let’s get meta; Wikipedia is the perfect place to look up Wikipedia to in order to find out what Wikipedia is.

The Wikipedia app on your Android phone is the perfect way to settle a quick bar bet or to fall into a rabbit hole of information while commuting on public transit.

Unless you tap through to view images in high-res, it’s pretty easy on your mobile data too.